This Morning shock as Harry Hill calls Alison Hammond 'unkind and boastful'

THIS Morning viewers were left in shock after comedian Harry Hill dubbed co-host Alison Hammond "unkind and boastful" in an awkward joke

The former Harry Hill's TV Burp presenter was quizzed over his medical training – having worked as a chiropodist before turning his hand to comedy.

ITV host Alison, 46, and her co-star Dermott O'Leary welcomed Harry, 57, onto the show to talk about his upcoming tell-all book, Fight.

Conversation quickly turned to the comedian's former career in medicine, having trained and graduated as a doctor in the later 1980s.

"It's so interesting to read about the fact that you trained as a doctor," Alison said. "But you only did it out of spite really?"

"Yes, because my physics teacher told my parents, 'There's no way he will ever get into medicine," Harry explained between laughs.

A photo then appeared on screen showing Harry in his younger years, dressed up in a doctors uniform, as he explained he worked as a chiropodist.

“There’s me as a chiropodist," he went on. "There’s more than just clipping toenails with chiropody. There’s a lot more to it than that."

Alison went on to quiz as to whether or not he went "back to school" to show off that he'd graduated from medical school despite their worries.

“How did you feel when you graduated, did you go back and say, ‘Look at that, babes'?" the presenter asked as Dermot, 48, giggled in the background.

But Harry clapped back: “No I think that would be more the sort of thing you’d do – it’s not in my nature to be unkind like that, or boastful."

As the trio erupted into laughter, Dermot sat back into his chair and concluded: " “Oh, you don’t know the half of it, Harry”.

"To think that Harry Hill used to be a doctor before he turned to comedy," one fan wrote, as another chimed in: "Can you imagine HIM being your doctor?"

During the show, fans were left fuming as the show's £1m prize winner appeared on the show today – and didn't even seem happy about it.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that a winner had finally been selected – a woman from Essex who wished to remain anonymous.

But it was the winner's "unimpressed" attitude that left viewers shocked.

The player, known only as Mrs Winner, also appeared on the show last week when Andi Peters called to give her the good news – with a very muted response then, too.

And on the show this morning, Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary spoke to the lucky winner, but it seemed as though they were trying to get blood out of a stone. 

“Oh it’s so lovely to hear from you,” said a bubbly Alison, adding: “Now, I’ve got to ask you, how did you remain so calm after hearing that you’d won a million pounds?”

Despite winning the life-changing amount, Mrs Winner sounded monotone in her response: “Ah, well, I thought it was just a joke, so I was lost for words really – I’m still in shock.”

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to share their shock at her underwhelmed attitude.

One fan fumed: "Imagine winning a million quid and acting like that – so ungrateful."

Another commented: "The million pound winner sounded decidedly underwhelmed – I'd have been screaming like a banshee."

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