Thor-Deadpool Love Child? Chris Hemsworth Welcomes Ryan Reynolds to the MCU

Chris Hemsworth has welcomed Ryan Reynolds to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by sharing a picture of Deadpool adorned with Thor paraphernalia.

Hemsworth shared the image on Instagram with the caption “Our love child.” The image itself shows Deadpool holding a mini Mjölnir and wearing Thor’s helmet. It also features an Avengers logo on Deadpool’s shoulder, along with a Mickey Mouse icon looming in the background. It’s not currently clear who created the image.

Last week, just before Disney officially acquired 21st Centry Fox for $71.3 billion dollars, Reynolds posted a picture of Deadpool wearing Mickey Mouse ears while riding in a Disney school bus. Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Reynolds’ Deadpool is expected to be the only iteration of the X-Men to make the jump to Disney,” suggesting the rest of the X-Men will undergo a reboot, though Deadpool may enter the MCU unscathed.

While Deadpool’s more adult-oriented content might have a hard time blending in with the MCU, Disney CEO Bob Iger has said on multiple occasions that Disney will keep R-Rated Fox properties as R-Rated.

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Unfortunately, this merger may result in the loss of upwards of 4,000 jobs for Fox employees.

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