Tipping Point fans gobsmacked as Gyles Brandreth makes double fish blunder

Gyles Brandreth made a number of fish-related blunders during Sunday night's Tipping Point : Lucky Stars – so there was no surprise when he was sent home first.

Host Ben Shephard quizzed Gyles – who was in last place – on a number of general knowledge questions in the hopes of winning him some cash for charity.

However it all went downhill when Good Morning Britain hunk Ben asked the This Morning regular about a "legless reptile", to which Gyles answered "fish".

Of course, fish is an entirely different animal classification to reptiles so his answer was wrong.

Moments later, Ben asked Gyles about an aquatic animal and the former politician was completely bamboozled.

Even Ben had to help Gyles, prompting him and reminding him of the answer he'd given moments ago.

A bemused Gyles told him: "Don't bother, whatever the question is, I won't know the answer."

Viewers at home were gobsmacked by Gyles' answers and how poorly he'd done in the charity competition.

One said: "Didn't know fish were classified as legless reptiles," adding the hashtag "sarcasm".

Another said: "Fish is a reptile!?"

A third tweeted: "I thought Gyles would be much more clever than that."

Someone else wrote: "Gyles Brandreth is not a very good advert for a private education!"

And a fifth added: "No wonder Gyles has f*** all in his bank."

Gyles went crashing out of the competition with just £600 in his bank, leaving Coronation Street's Daniel Brocklebank and comedian Shazia Mirzo to move on.

After a tense struggle of brains, Shazia managed to rack up £3300 while Daniel had £2600, meaning he was the next to be eliminated.

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