Tipping Point viewers fume as they argue over ‘repeated’ ITV episode

Tipping Point viewers were left fuming and confused on Tuesday night (May 31) as ITV aired yet another 'repeat'.

Ben Shephard headed up the show and welcomed Laura, Carol, Michael and Preischel to their podiums in the hopes that they would win a wad of cash.

But it wasn't the gameshow that kept people on Twitter amused, it was the argument among viewers at home as to whether or not the show was another repeat.

The #TippingPoint hashtag on Twitter is always rather lively, but today it was even more so as tweeters feuded with each other.

One person took to Twitter to say: "Another repeat. 4 contestants. Let’s hope there is a yummie #tippingpoint."

To which someone replied: "Another new episode #tippingpoint."

The original tweeter then replied: "It’s a repeat. Season 11 Keep up. #tippingpoint."

But the Tipping Point hashtag soon descended into chaos when viewers at home argued over whether or not the show was really a rerun or not previously aired.

Trying to clear things up, one avid watcher penned: "To everyone asking, yes this is series 11. No, these aren't repeats. These last 4 episodes were un-aired for some reason. #TippingPoint."

But many fans and viewers were still adamant that it was in fact a repeat.

"Wtf. Late to this episode but it’s a f***ing repeat! #tippingpoint," fumed one viewer.

It seems as though things were finally cleared up when one person asked: "Someone clear this up. Has this episode been on before or not!!"

To which someone provided a screenshot as 'proof' of the website TV Maze, which showed when the episode was first aired on TV.

Alongside the screenshot the Tipping Point superfan penned: "S11 Eps 162, first aired 10th March 22. #tippingpoint."

This comes as fans faced even more confusion yesterday evening when the show changed its format rather randomly.

The show mysteriously went back to four contestants, which left viewers at home completely taken aback.

Tipping Point airs weeknights at 4pm on ITV and ITVHub

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