Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard gobsmacked as Kerry Katona threatens to walk off

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Kerry Katona left Tipping point: Lucky Stars fans gobsmacked during Saturday's episode when she she threatened to walk off of the show.

During the latest episode Ben Shephard, who is the host behind the ITV game show, which saw Kerry on the show alongside two other famous faces as they all battled it out to raise money for charity.

Kerry joined comedian and actor Miles Jupp and Newsnight presenter Kirst Wark and left fans surprised after she ended up doing quite well.

But it didn't go perfectly for Kerry as she ended up getting a few questions wrong in a row.

As the show unfolded, Kerry got more frustrated with how it turned out for her.

And she couldn't help but vent her frustration after her contestants kept getting questions she claimed she knew the answer to.

After Miles buzzed another question right, Kerry exclaimed: "I was gonna press that!"

Kirsty went onto joke Miles was "premature" with his answer, prompting laughter from Kerry and the ITV audience.

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But when Kirsty then went on to answer a Mars-related question correctly, Kerry teased she was going to leave her co-stars to it.

Kerry held her head in her hand, prompting Ben to comment: "Kerry's panicking down the end at the moment."

Threatening to do a runner, Kerry said to Ben: "Shall I just go home?"

Kerry managed to outdo Kirsty on the show, racking up more in her prize fund than the journalist.

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This left her in a final head-to-head with Miles to see who would be crowned the show's winner and have a chance at the bumper jackpot counter.

This meant Kerry went head to head with Miles to see who would win the £20,000 for their chosen charity.

However sadly she didn't manage to win but earn £1,000 for her charity.

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