Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard hugs Joey Essex as he finally gets question right

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Ben Shephard couldn't help congratulating Joey Essex with a hug in Sunday's episode of Tipping Point Lucky Stars.

In the episode, which was obviously filmed before the pandemic but first aired last year, say Joey take on Emmerdale's Chris Bisson and comedian Alex Brooker.

Former TOWIE star Joey somehow managed to get through to the second round, after a fluke counter drop saw him snag 16 coins in one go.

After that, his luck ran out and he gave some seriously questionable answers to some of the things host Ben asked in round two.

But he managed to get quite a difficult-sounding question right – with the help of the audience and Chris – and earned a hug from Ben.

The question was: "The shape of which popular potato snack, launched in the mid-1960s, is known as a hyperbolic paraboloid?"

Initially Joey answered "triangle" but the audience gasped and groaned, leading to him taking it back.

Chris then gave him a helping hand, asking him which crisp is always the same shape – and it obviously helped him.

Joey decided to go with Pringle, which was the correct answer, causing the audience to burst into a round of applause, and Ben to go over and give him a hug.

Sadly, it wasn't enough to get him into the lead and he left with £1,900 for his chosen charity, Child Bereavement UK.

Former Coronation Street star Chris went through to the final round to try and win the £20,000 for his charity.

On his way to the end, he managed to work a mystery prize out of the machine – though he didn't sound too thrilled by what it was.

Ben laughed as he revealed that Chris had won a special Tipping Point Lucky Stars phone cover.

Chris started the final round with a respectable £3,400 in the bank, and as the rounds went on he didn't seem too confident that he'd manage to get the jackpot counter out.

However his luck soon changed and the £20,000 counter eventually dropped with a few questions still to go.

"It feels fantastic," Chris said.

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