Todd Chrisley demands trolls 'keep your mouth shut' after slamming 'thirsty tricks' who called daughter Savannah 'ugly

TODD Chrisley has demanded trolls to 'keep your mouth shut' weeks after slamming 'thirsty tricks' who called his daughter Savannah 'ugly'.

The 51-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to blast negative social media followers with an incredibly pointed message.

Hitting back at furor online, Todd shared a picture of a telling quote, which read, "If you don't know the whole story keep your mouth shut.

"If you know my whole story, you're an accomplice. Keep your mouth shut."

Backing up his point even further, he warned in the caption of the post: "And I’ve got lots of accomplices so keep talking."

His latest post comes weeks after Todd branded a cruel troll a "thirsty trick" when she called him a homophobic slur earlier this month.

The troll also targeted Todd's 23-year-old daughter Savannah by calling her "ugly."

The Chrisley Knows Best star addressed the troll head in an Instagram post.

He shared a screenshot of direct messages that the user sent to Savannah, which began: "Honey why don't you admit you have self esteem issues?"

She added: "That Botox isn’t helping you it's making you more ugly."

The troll later called Todd a "f****t" and wrote: "America sees that your dad is gay the more he keeps denying it will manifest itself."

She concluded by addressing the Savannah's previous engagement to Nic Kerdiles, writing: "And admit NICK dumped you he don't want you."

Todd addressed the troll in the caption of his post, writing: "@tiffanygirlsnyc I sat with your message that you sent to @savannahchrisley and today since I had a few minutes, I decided to allow my f**dom to manifest enough to say 'F**k off.'

"You have some nerve to come at my daughter but after reviewing your profile, I see where the jealousy comes from.

"Sweety if jabbing her about Botox is the best you got, then you are weak.

"I get that you don’t have my DNA, but that’s your mamas fault for not meeting me before she met your dad."

Todd next addressed the troll's comments about Nic, stating that "he's still in the same spot he's always been, right beside @savannahchrisley and our family."

The 51-year-old reality TV star continued: "Nice try you thirsty trick, now with all that being said 'I’ve got a bag of d**ks to work on. PS, who even uses the word 'F****t' anymore, didn’t that go out with bell bottoms."

He continued to call out the troll in a following Instagram post.

Todd captioned a photo of his daughter and Nic, 26, cuddling on a couch: "@tiffanygirlsnyc here you go, maybe this will bring some light to your dark soul."

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