Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Are Back In The USA

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have returned from the coronavirus desert island.

The two have been spotted in Los Angeles after flying on a private jet from Australia, where they were quarantined with the first publicized celebrity cases of coronavirus. Their March 11 announcement shocked the world and may have been a tipping point toward waking everyone up.

Hanks was in Australia working with director Baz Luhrmann on an untitled Elvis movie, in which Hanks was to play Elvis manager Col. Tom Parker. Wilson was scheduled for a few concert appearances. They began feeling ill, were tested, and found positive, self-quarantining after that but staying in touch with the outside world via social media.

Both are age 63, considered a high-risk group among those infected. Luhrmann and his family also entered quarantine following the Hanks disclosure as a precaution.

Hanks and Wilson were photographed driving, with Hanks in baseball cap and sunglasses. Online jokesters noted he weathered confinement well, as it was the second time he was stranded with a Wilson.


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