'Tony helped by making me look an eejit' – Fair City star Patrick Ball bids fond farewell to Carrigstown

As Fair City’s Oisin Brennan bids farewell to Carrigstown after dad Paul meddled in his love life, departing actor Patrick Ball said he will always remember his first meeting with Tony Tormey’s character.

Patrick, who started on the RTE soap in 2016, was waiting for his cue to shoot his first scene when Tony tapped him on the shoulder to inform him he had missed it.

He rushed onto the set, only to realise that Tony had been pulling his leg.

That sort of carry-on became the norm between the pair as they filmed their many scenes together.

“My first day of filming in studio was a scary day,” said Patrick (21).

“Everything is so fast-paced that it’s hard to calm down. So on that first day, I was filming a scene with Tony on the McCoy’s set.

“We had to wait outside the door for our cue to go in. Tony could see I was nervous, so he tapped me on the shoulder to let me know I missed my cue and motioned me to walk in.

“Panicked, I walked quickly through the door, only to find out that it wasn’t my cue, that I had entered way too early and that Tony had given me the wrong cue on purpose.

“I turned around to see him laughing, I apologised and we had to start the scene over again.

“He did this to me two more times. Oddly enough, messing around like that really calmed me down.

“I’d be giving Tony too much credit if I said that his goal was to calm me down. I think he just wanted me to look like an eejit on my first day.

“That’s how it’s been for three years,” he added.

Patrick’s character moved to London last night, fed up with dad Paul’s constant interference with his relationships.

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