Trevor Noah And The Daily Social Distancing Show Previews Second Presidential Debate Controls

Now that the first raucous presidential debate is over, there’s some changes planned to make the second a little more under control. And that’s comedy gold for Trevor Noah and the Daily Social Distancing Show.

“Cutting off Trump’s mic might be a good idea,” Noah mused. “But knowing Trump, he will bring his own mic and amp like those guys on the subway.”

Noah allowed that Trump may not need the amplification. “Trump can find a way to be a distraction without talking.” He reminded the audience of the 2016 debates, when Trump “lurked in the background like a T-rex in a suit.”

“This man knows how to steal focus,” Noah said. “They should leave his mic on like they shouldn’t ban his Twitter account.”

Some of the big changes planned for the second debate were also revealed in a new video. See below for details.

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