Unforgotten season 5: Sunny ‘at loggerheads’ with Jess in new series

Unforgotten: Jessie speaks to Sunny about replacing Cassie

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Unforgotten fans were thrilled when the hit ITV crime drama returned for season five on Monday evening. The series features new leading lady Jess James (Sinead Keenan) who has replaced Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) as detective chief inspector. Jess has a very different way of running the ship to her predecessor which is causing her to seriously rub up detective inspector Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) the wrong way.

In the first outing of the new series, Jess and the team discovered a severed leg inside a chimney and got to work trying to identify the victim.

However, Jess’ no-nonsense approach did not seem to impress her colleague Sunny.

When asked about the journey Sunny and Jess embark on for the latest series of the show, Unforgotten newcomer Sinead explained: “It was really lovely to film actually.

“Because established shows like that, which could be seen as a type of procedural, a lot of the time, focus can be on the suspects and so you don’t necessarily get a huge amount of backstory with the regular cast.

“So to be able to eke that one out… Because they start when they first meet, she’s had her news, he’s grieving.

“And they’re like, ‘Who are you? Why are you being rude?'”

“They each have stuff going on,” the Irish 45-year-old actress continued. “And when they meet, it is loggerheads.

“It’s passive-aggressive, jibes, in a way it’s jostling for position.

“It’s not until episode four, once the shock of her news dissipates a bit, that she really tries to get herself together.”

Sinead concluded: “We hope they can start working together as opposed to beside each other.”

Unforgotten fans were left heartbroken when Nicola’s character Cassie was killed off from the ITV series in series four.

Her replacement Sinead admitted she was anxious about stepping into her shoes for season five.

Sinead explained: “If you’re at the start of something, you’re all in together and you’re all running blind a bit.

“You’re doing your best work, you’re hoping people will like it, but you’re all in the same boat.”

“When you come into an established show, it’s very, very different,” she added. “And obviously I’d seen the show, and Nicola is brilliant, so I was initially reticent about even reading the scripts.

“But then I read the scripts, and they were brilliant.”

Sinead shared a post in light of her 17,000 Twitter followers after her first episode aired on Monday evening.

The actress retweeted a stellar review and penned: “Well, now. Isn’t this just a lovely thing? Delighted so many of you enjoyed last night’s episode. Long may your enjoyment continue #Unforgotten.” (sic)

There are six instalments for the latest series of Unforgotten, with episode two airing at 9pm next Monday on ITV.

Season five of Unforgotten can now be streamed in full on ITVX.

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