Vikings’ Hvitserk star admits he wanted different death for character ‘a big bang’

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History’s drama series may have come to an end in 2019 but some interesting facts about its characters are being revealed. This time it was Vikings’ Hvitserk star Marco Ilso who recently admitted he wanted a different end for his character.

Hvitserk was a member of the Lobthrok family, as Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) and Ragnar Lothrbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) second son.

As a child, he really looked up to his older brother, Ubbe Ragnarsson (Jordan Patrick Smith), and was often spotted alongside him.

In season four, the two brothers received an invitation from their father to join him in Paris where he was at war.

The Franks ambushed the Viking camp and thankfully the brothers were able to escape.

Hvitserk eventually grew up to be a stronger warrior than most of his siblings and without his father in his life, he became angry and hated Ragnar.

After learning that there had been a massacre at the Danish Settlement, Hvitserk was fuming that his father didn’t tell them.

After cursing Ragnar, Hvitserk and his brother Sigurd Ragnarsson (David Lindström) agreed to kill their father if he ever returned.

When Ragnar returned he challenged his sons to kill him, and even screamed at Hvitserk in an attempt to provoke him

In the episode titled The Last Act, the Vikings geared up for the battle of their lives.

The power-hungry Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) also met his demise.

During the battle, he tried to encourage the Vikings and keep going, he was stabbed with a dagger by a young man from the opposing side and was killed on the spot.

As a result of Ivar’s death, Hvitserk was captured by the West Saxons and forced to denounce his Viking linage and become Christian.

He did so to save his life and changed his name to Athelstan in remembrance of his late friend.

Hvitserk actor Marco Ilso recently spoke at German ComicCon at Home and revealed that he wanted a different end for his character:

He stated: “As an actor, I would love to go out with a big bang.

“I would’ve loved to die in some sort of way, for Hvitserk to die in battle while protecting one of his brothers or anything like that, that would be the ideal way.”

Some of the characters depicted in the Vikings series are from Norse mythology and the Viking Age whereas others were based on real people.

Hvitserk was one of those that actually existed in the 9th century.

The real-life character avenged his father with his brothers, he pillaged Gardarike with Rus Vikings.

According to Scholars, Hvitserk was captured and when asked about how he wished to die, he decided to be burned alive at a stake of human remains.

Unfortunately for fans season six was the final instalment of Vikings and after 10 episodes the long-running historical drama came to an end.

Despite this, it was revealed that a spin-off sequel series, called Vikings: Valhalla, was in the making for Netflix.

Vikings seasons 1-6 are available to stream on History.

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