Wait, Dylan Barbour Ran His Mouth About Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid, and We All Missed It

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid appear to be doing their very best to keep their relationship private—you know, aside from the fact that Tyler literally won’t stop lurking outside Gigi’s front door, and they keep not-that-subtly showing up to the same fashion week events. But! The point is these two are newly navigating a relationship in the spotlight and are obviously trying to keep things low-key. Which brings us to Dylan Barbour, bless his heart.

For reasons no one will ever understand, Dylan did that thing you’re never supposed to do and talked about Tyler and Gigi’s relationship to the press—despite the fact that they themselves haven’t even confirmed they’re dating.

Truly just:

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dylan was just all “Tyler’s in New York. He’s living his life, I talk to Tyler all the time.” Cool/fine! But he then added, He’s [a]… real happy guy. I don’t care whether [she’s] a supermodel or not. As long as Tyler’s happy, I’m happy.”

Um, cool, as long as Dylan’s happy! Anyway, a source told ET that Tyler and Gigi “just started getting serious” which seems pretty obvious considering he flew out for her grandmother’s funeral. “Things are very easy for Tyler and Gigi,” the source said. “They both are extremely kind and want the same things in life. They both are in the modeling world and understand each other’s passion.”

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