Watch the moment Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald comes clean to Peter Barlow about being the father of Leanne Battersby’s baby

BURDENED with grief after losing his baby son with his wife Michelle Connor, this is the moment Steve McDonald comes clean about his second child to Peter Barlow.

Steve had a drunken one night stand with Peter’s ex-partner Leanne Battersby and until now, no one apart from Steve and Leanne knew, the truth.

In recent weeks, Coronation Street fans have watched as Steve (Simon Gregson) and Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) endured a heart-breaking miscarriage storyline but now producers are moving them on to the next shock twist.

In the clip that played out on This Morning, Steve can be seen drinking whisky in Peter’s flat.

Steve looks racked with guilt as Peter tries to reassure him.

Rocking back on his chair, Steve groans to Peter: I’ve done bad things, really bad things.”

As Peter tries to calm Steve down, he suddenly shouts: “Peter, I slept with Leanne – it’s my baby!”

Understandably, Peter looks overwhelmed by the news and appears to barely comprehend what Steve is telling him.

Peter, played by Chris Gascoigne, promises to keep Steve’s secret from Leanne’s husband Nick Tilsley.

However it’s not long before Peter and Nick come to blows again – just like they did over Christmas – and this time it seems Peter will deliver his revenge by telling him the truth.

Meanwhile Steve and Michelle are still trying to cope with the loss of their son Ruairi.

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