Watch Will Ferrell's Elf Get Lovingly Ridiculed in Hilarious Honest Trailer

Elf is getting the Honest Trailer treatment.

The 2003 movie remains a hit Christmas staple, with Will Ferrell’s endlessly quotable performance making it a holiday favorite for families. And team behind the viral Honest Trailers is just as big of a fan.

“Some Christmas movies are sweet, some are funny, others are just super, super weird. But only one of them is all of those things: Elf,” the mock trailer starts.

The narrator then delves into the plot, in which Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf travels to the human world for the first time after growing up as an elf following an accident that landed him at the North Pole. But once he gets there, Buddy has a hard time connecting with his dad, who, as the trailer says, “thinks he’s mentally ill and wants nothing to do with him.”

“When you lay it out like that, it kinda sounds like a Joker movie,” the narrator jokes.

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The trailer also praises Ferrell’s performance, which is so good “you won’t even care that Zooey Deschanel hooks up with someone who’s mentally a child.”

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In the end, Elf might just be the most relatable Christmas movie ever made.

“Experience the most honest portrayal about Christmas in film, where the holiday is all about cramming as much food into your mouth as you can, getting too drunk at work, fighting with your family, and hoarding toys made overseas in horrible working conditions,” the trailer says. “But most of all, it’s about having faith in a higher power. You know, the bearded guy from up above?”

“What, did you think I was just going to savage Elf? This movie is delightful, I’m not a monster,” the trailer says.

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