What is the UK's history in Eurovision? How many times have we receive 'nil point' and been bottom of the leaderboard?

The Eurovision Song Contest was last won by a UK act 22 years ago, with the nation crossing their fingers that Michael Rice can turn all of that around.

But what is the UK’s actual history in Eurovision, how many times have they received nil points and been at the bottom of the leaderboard? Let’s find out…

What is the UK’s history in Eurovision?

The UK first made its debut at the singing competition in 1957.

And since then, the nation has won the competition on five numerous occasions.

While that may not be a lot, the UK does hold the record for having finished second a record 15 TIMES.

On top of that, it is also the nation to hold the record for the longest-running string of Top 5 placings, proving that the UK has been close to winning the competition on multiple occasions.

The UK has proudly hosted the Eurovision Song Contest eight times in total, having often stepped in to stage the ceremony when others were unfit to do so.

The last time that the UK had the opportunity to host the event, however, was in 1998 in Birmingham following the victory of Katrina and the Waves who won the competition in 1997 with Shine A Light.


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How many times have we received nil points and been bottom of the leaderboard?

The UK has not taken home the winner’s prize at Eurovision for more than 20 years.

Their last winning entry came in 1997 when Katrina and the Waves stunned the public with her performance of Love Shine A Light.

In 2003, however, the UK embarrassingly received a shocking “nul points” (no points) after Liverpool duo Jemini graced the stage with their performance of Cry Baby.

Fans believed that politics played a drastic role that the act received no points following the UK’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq.

Terry Wogan, who had hosted the show for the BBC that year, joked: "I think the UK is suffering from post-Iraq backlash."

The UK has only received nil points once at the competition, but its second lowest position came with Electro Velvet in 2015 with their performance of Still In Love.

A shocking five points were accumulated, but, of course, it was nowhere near enough to even break the top 20.

Other UK acts that have received less than 10 points at the competition include Patricia Bredin (All, 1957), Kenneth McKellar (A Man Without Love, 1966.)

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