What was in The Oscars 2018 goodie bag? £100,000 haul included PEPPER SPRAY and free holidays

This is what the attendees were gifted at last year's event – and it's a pretty good haul worth an estimated £100,000.

What was in The Oscars 2018 goodie bag?

The bags covered everything from luxury jet set trips to Hawaii and Tanzania, to early access to a brand new dating app for those looking for love.

Alternatively, there were gadgets for tech whizzes, and even underarm sweat patches for when the nerves get the better of them on the big night.

The lucky celebs were treated to an epic haul.

Here are just some of the best bits from what the Hollywood A-Listers took home in their annual gift bags….

Pepper Spray (£20)

While no bigger than the size of a lipstick, the Pepperface pepper sprays are perfect to fit in your pocket for if you need it in an emergency.

The decorative sprays fit perfectly in your pocket and offer you peace of mind in case you come under attack.

The spray comes in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements which have seen stars walk red carpets at The Golden Globes and Baftas awards in black outfits.

One Week Stay in Hawaii (£548 per night)

If Greece isn't their thing, the stars can rest up with a one week stay at the Koloa Landing resort in Hawaii.

With the beach connected to the resort itself, the stunning location comes with three huge swimming pools, a spa, and fitness centre as well as poolside barbeques and constant service.

Not too shabby for those who want to get away for a while.

Twelve Nights in Tanzania (£5,800 per person)

With a plus one in tow, as if the two previous trips weren't enough to leave them completely rested, they can also take a twelve-night trip away to Tanzania.

International Expeditions will send them off on an adventure for their trip to the East African countries, which boasts stunning national parks and wildlife.

A made-to-order itinerary fro the twelve night trip includes a stay at the Serengeti National Park.

The rooms they stay in at the Migration Camp has been voted one of the top ten hotels in the world – and is comprised of twenty huge tents with their own private verandas.

Luxury Villa Rental in Greece (£337 per night)

After working hard on their latest projects, the celebs can rest up in a luxury villa rental all to themselves on the Greek Islands.

Located in Halkidiki, any one of the Avaton villas will come with the ability to use a helicopter or yacht to move around, a private pool for the stars and their friends, and an in-house chef service.

They will be able to have some much needed privacy away from the limelight in the villas, which come with their own gardens and sunbeds to top up their tans.

What other swag is in the bag…

  • Edible jewelry from Chocolatines
  • Underarm sweat patches from Dandi Patch
  • Lemonade-flavored moonshine from Southern Wicked Lemonade
  • A 12-night Tanzania trip for two from International Expeditions
  • A 7-day Hawaii trip at Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu
  • A stay at Avaton Luxury Villas Resort in Halkidiki, Greece
  • A week-long spa retreat at Golden Door
  • Pepperface, a lightweight pepper spray
  • Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation dental procedure
  • 23andMe genetic service
  • A Luxura Diamonds "conflict-free" necklace
  • NeverMissed dating app, available pre-launch
  • A 10,000 bowl donation to an animal shelter of their choice and bags of pet food from Halo, Purely For Pets
  • MZ Skin firming eye cream and golden treatment mask
  • A lifetime supply of Oxygenetix foundation
  • Locally-grown oranges, courtesy of delivery app EpiFruit
  • A memoir by Esther Fairfax about her mother, Lotte Berk, innovator of Barre
  • Healing Saint's skin serum and follicle stimulant
  • Jarritos, the Mexican soda
  • 10 sessions with personal trainer Alexis Seletzky
  • A one-year supply of ALLÉL's skincare program
  • Bangarang's Positive Cube, a wooden box filled with 199 cards of positive action and quotes
  • Color-changing lipstick from Blush & Whimsy
  • Charleston & Harlow soy candles
  • Danish cookbook, Cook Yourself Happy
  • Curlee Girlee children's book
  • Organic, vegan and small-batch Delicacies lollipops
  • Face It and Eye Love It facewash and makeup removers
  • Happiest Tee's American-made T-shirts
  • Weight loss supplement Hydroxycut Organic
  • 10-piece Inception of Beauty makeup set
  • Justice for Vets symbolic coin
  • An 18-minute phobia-relief session with Kalliope
  • LE CÈLINE eyelashes products
  • Liwu jewelry from Ireland
  • Look Fabulous Forever makeup specially formulated for older women
  • My Magic Mud toothpaste, which combines activated coconut shell charcoal and bentonite clay
  • M.Y.O cosmetic clutch
  • 99 Creative WOWs creativity kit
  • Nurse Gigi skin rejuvenation procedures
  • Oumere anti-aging skincare
  • Paiva Aloe cleanser and mask,
  • PETA's cruelty-free bath bombs
  • 2 gourmet pretzel gift boxes from Posh Pretzels
  • A.I. beauty startup PROVEN's personalized skincare products
  • Quincy Herbals detox tea
  • Quip's oral care kit
  • Commissioned work from Reian Williams Fine Art
  • Rouge Maple syrup
  • Safi Kilima bracelet with oval tanzanite stones
  • Shop Modern Innovations' levitating bluetooth speaker
  • The Green Garmento's multi-use Gigantote
  • Vaya's Tyffyn lunchboxes
  • Totalee hair care products
  • Wetsleeve on-the-go hydration sleeve
  • Youthblast anti-aging supplement and 24k Gold Facial

Phobia Relief Training (£350)

Useful for any celeb looking to face their fears for upcoming roles, or just on a day-to-day basis, the gift bag contains a free session with a trained phobia counsellor.

In the 18 minute session, the stars will be taught how to overcome their biggest fears.

The one-on-one treatment will be with Kalliope Barlis, who has appeared on a series of news shows in the US, as well as releasing book Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom.

Dandi Patch – Anti Sweat Patches (£8.99)

For the A-lister who still can't help but get a little bit muggy underneath their arms in times of crisis, the Dandi Patch will be there to help.

The patch has been created in order to prevent perspiration marks appearing on your clothes as you work up a sweat in your day-to-day life.


Nevermissed Dating App ($11.99 per year subscription)

The new dating app – which is currently newly launching on the app store – focuses on those missed opportunities of people you may have interacted with but never got the chance to speak to.

Entering their characteristics, if the person is on the app as well, you will be allowed access to a dating window so you can finally say to the hottie sitting across from you on the train what you were too afraid to say out loud.

They will also be invited to the site's launch party.

Diamond Necklace (£1300)

Conflict-free diamond company Luxura has added a bit of sparkle to this year's goody bag with a stunning diamond necklace.

The simple designs cost anywhere from £30 to more than £1300 – and you can bet they wouldn't risk giving the Hollywood A-listers one of the cheaper ones.

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