When does The Innocent Man start on Netflix, who's in the cast and what's the true story?

It became a phenomenon after the release of John Grisham’s best-selling non-fiction book but is the Netflix series based on a true story and when will it be released?

When does The Innocent Man start on Netflix?

The Innocent Man will be released on Netflix on December 14.

All episodes of the six-part documentary series will drop simultaneously.

The series follows the real-life murders that are detailed in author John Grisham's best-selling 2006 non-fiction book of the same name.

According to Netflix, The Innocent Man blends new footage with compelling archival video and photos.

What's the true story?

In 1982, cocktail waitress Debbie Sue Carter, 21, was found raped and strangled in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma, with writing on her body with ketchup.

Five years later, Ronald Keith Williamson – already in prison for forging bank cheques – was blamed for the horrific crime and sentenced to die.

After Williamson had spent 11 years on death row and with only five days until his scheduled execution, the judge issued a stay that made it possible for Williamson to be exonerated.

In 1998, Williamson underwent DNA testing that proved his innocence beyond a doubt and on April 15, 1999, he was completely cleared of all guilt.

DNA evidence, meanwhile, matched Glen Gore – the main eyewitness for the State at Williamson’s trial who helped to convict him – as the true murderer.

Who's in the cast?

The documentary series includes interviews with Debbie's friends and families as well as Ada residents, attorneys, journalists, and others involved in the case.

The Innocent Man is helmed by Clay Tweel, the director behind  Finders Keepers, Gleason and Out of Omaha.

As well as being executive producer, John Grisham will also appear in the series.

Maura Antas plays Debbie Carter, with Ron Williamson portrayed as a young man by  Geoffrey Russell and older by James Walsh.

Ryotaro Shigeta stars as the real killer Glen Gore.

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