When is Hunter Owen returning to EastEnders and will he kill again?

Hunter Owen (Charlie Winter) is set to make a return to EastEnders despite being sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was senteced earlier this year for his role in the murder of Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon), but he since been able to escape from prison.

News of his escape is set to spread across Walford, which will make it even harder for him to hide if he plans a return to the square.

As Hunter Owen goes on the run, many fans are wondering when he will show up in EastEnders and whether he will kill again.

When is Hunter Owen back in EastEnders?

Hunter is set to return to EastEnders this week, and he could be looking for revenge when he shows up on Albert Square.

His mum Mel Owen (Tamzin Outwaite) is set to find out that he has made an escape and is likely to do anything she can to keep him safe.

He was last seen in April when he was visited in prison by Mel, but since then she has been told that Hunter would be moved to another prison and that there was nothing they could do.

After speaking to the prison to try and get the decision changed, she returns home to find police waiting for her as they break the news that he has escaped.

As Mel keeps him in hiding, she could be looking to go on the run with him so that she can ensure he stays safe, but with Walford watching, things could prove difficult for the pair.

Is Hunter Owen going to kill again?

It’s not yet known whether Hunter Owen has another victim in mind when he prepares to step foot back into Walford.

There are several people he could be looking to get revenge on, particularly Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) who called the police on him, leading to his arrest.

So far the teenager has only killed one person, which was when he shot Ray Kelly earlier this year so that he could save his mum.

His first priority seems to be to see his mother and escape arrst, but if he ends up being spotted then he may feel that there is only one way to protect himself.

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