When Was 'The Circle' Season 3 Filmed?

Social media is quickly rising to become the number one thing people do on their smart devices. With the world continuing to socially distance, sometimes social media is the only connection that individuals have with one another. The Circle has turned social media into a game show and spun the tale of popularity contests held virtually with the only interactions between contestants in their own social media app.

The Circle puts a spin on social media and reality shows

Reality shows, like Big Brother, usually slam strangers together and gauge their attitudes toward one another through constant interaction and socially experimental games. Social media is meant to connect friends, relatives, co-workers, and those who have similar interests to expand social interactions while not in the same place. What happens when you combine the two elements and add in a cool $100,000? That’s where The Circle comes in.

Contestants are kept inside their own apartments as interactions on their social media sites are filmed. None of the contestants know any other, and anyone can pretend to be whomever they want. Through the computer program developed specifically for the show, the online interactions are texted to the individuals. Popularity is the key to not being blocked and kicked off the show.

What is said on the app may not be the truth in the apartment. Each contestant gets to choose their social media presence, personality, and interaction. While their online presence may be partially the truth, nothing in the guidelines states that any interactions have to be their true selves, ever. That’s the fun of the game!

‘The Circle’: Season 3

In the third season, released September 2021, we follow the new players to find out who will become the influencer and last the longest. Kai Ghost, Daniel Cusimano, Nick Uhlenhuth, Michelle Rider, Calvin Crooks, Matthew Pappadia, Ava Marie, Chanel Capra, and Ruksana Carroll all live in the Salford, Manchester apartments that The Circle UK was filmed in.

This season’s contestants range from an already popular social media influencer to a New Jersey mom. Will they be able to charm or deceive their way to the top position as the influencer, earning the right to block a player from continuing the experience? Watching this group of nine compete through social media interactions might make an interesting season.

When was the new season filmed? Season two and three might have been filmed around the same time, though the exact dates are unknown. Distractify states that a freelance writer named Martin Holmes tweeted that the filming of two seasons of The Circle had been completed in November 2020, but no source was cited and no connection was visible between the writer and the show.

Michelle Buteau hosts The Circle US in season three. She continues to narrate the pre-filmed episodes and provide comedic quips as the show progresses. Her comedy only adds to the show’s already fascinating interactions and deceptions.

Season three is streaming on Netflix

After you catch up with the first two seasons of mischief and comedy, you can already launch into the season threes episodes. The first four episodes dropped September 8th with four more on the 15th. Hurry through the episodes as the season finally is due to stream on the 29th.

Once season three wraps up will there be more to come? Netflix said a definite yes to seasons four and five of The Circle. The announcement was made around the same time season three was announced in August 2021. Fans will be happy that The Circle US will run longer than its UK counterpart which was canceled after its third season.

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