When Will Your Favorite Shows Return From the Holidays? Save These Dates!

That nip in the air and the festive decorations at La Bonne Nuit can only mean one thing: Your favorite TV shows are packing up for a holiday vacation, if they haven’t already made an early break for the airport.

What follows is a fantastically handy list of double-secret officially confirmed midseason finale and 2019 return dates for 80-plus scripted broadcast series. We’ve also included a few season premieres for returning shows, as well as an extreeeemely curated selection of your cable-TV favorites. (Note: ABC has yet to detail most of its midseason return plan, but I have seen multitudes of you clamoring on the Twitter for this annual grid. And TVLine will be sure to sound the social-media trumpets when updates are made.)

As always, TVLine is a uniquely interactive experience, so if you have any questions, politely holler. Just keep in mind: This is not our world-famous, awards-winning, suitable-for-framing January calendar; that big, annual megillah publishes at a later date.

Want scoop on any of the shows below? Email [email protected] and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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