Where is Cheat filmed? The ITV drama's Cambridge locations and settings

But where was the series filmed and what's it got to do with Cambridge? We take a look at the locations used for the hit ITV drama starring Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor.

Where was ITV's Cheat filmed?

Cheat was filmed in various locations, but many of the shots were filmed in the city of Cambridge.

The ITV drama features plenty of shots of the university campus and tranquil canals in the city, as well as some of the town's pubs.

But other locations were used to recreate scenes in the series.

We have been exclusively told by ITV that the following locations were used:

  • The Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge University.
  • Adam and Leah’s house was filmed in rural Hertfordshire, near Wheathampstead
  • Michael and Angela’s house was filmed in Ealing.
  • Various university interiors, rural exteriors, set builds including the Prison, were filmed at an old stately home in Surrey called Bramshill.
  • University exteriors were also filmed at Royal Holloway and Charterhouse School.
Cambridge features heavily in the show

Is Cheat actually set in Cambridge?

Cheat may have been filmed in Cambridge but it is NOT set there.

ITV told The Sun: "Cheat is set at a fictional university, although some of the filming did take place in Cambridge, including Gonville and Caius College and some council locations."

Director Louise Hooper also said: “The actual college is just a made up place, we used lots of different places.

“We used schools and camps outside of Cambridge, so it’s not set there.”

When is Cheat back on TV?

Cheat returns to ITV tonight (March 13, 2019) at 9pm for episode three, tomorrow will be the final show of the series.

After it has aired you can watch it on the ITV Hub – where you can watch the first two episodes now.

Get a recap of episode one here and recap of episode two here.







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