Where to watch classic EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale reruns amid Coronavirus

It’s been a tough week for soap fans, as they received word that production on EastEnders has ceased amid the Coronavirus pandemic — with the weekly episodic output having been reduced from four to two with immediate effect — while Coronation Street and Emmerdale will similarly reduce the episode output in an effort to remain on the air for as long as possible.

In addition, production has also stopped on Holby City, Casualty, Doctors, River City and Pobol y Cwm.

As noted earlier, efforts have been made to ensure that these beloved continuing dramas remain on the air for as long as possible, but their reduction will naturally mean they’re on less frequently, which likely come as a shock to regular viewers who are used to their daily doses.

However, if you simply cannot get enough of your soaps, then fear not, as there are classic episodes of all of your favourites being broadcast daily — which will fill the soap-opera-sized-hole in your telly schedules.


There’s never a dull moment in Albert Square, and you can catch a double dose of all the classic action from Walford’s days gone by on Drama every afternoon from 1pm.

The re-runs in question commenced from the very beginning a little over a year ago — meaning that regular viewers had the opportunity to see all of the classic Den and Angie drama from the ’80s — but, with two episodes being broadcast daily, it’s naturally come on a long way since then, with 1993 episodes having commenced earlier this month.

With so many great narratives having taken place during the ’90s — including the iconic Sharongate — now is the perfect time to start getting an extra daily helping of ‘Doof Doof’ drama.

What’s more, the classic Bonfire Night episode from 2000 — in which Peggy confronts Pat and Frank over their affair — is currently available to view on iPlayer.

Coronation Street

While production on Coronation Street hasn’t ceased, there will be significantly less episodes being broadcast a week, and this is why you might want to get your fix of Weatherfield gossip elsewhere — which is what makes the afternoon classics the perfect solution.

Much like EastEnders, the classic re-runs of Corrie — which air on ITV3 daily — are currently in the heart of the ’90s, with two episodes being broadcast each and every day.


While classic Corrie occupies an afternoon slot on ITV3, it’s not the only soap to do so, as vintage instalments of Yorkshire-based counterpart Emmerdale also air daily.

The re-runs commenced last year — starting with episodes originally broadcast in 1989 — giving viewers the opportunity to witness the iconic plane crash instalment from 1993. Currently, it’s in the middle of April 1995.

Holby City

Classic outings of long-running medical drama Holby City commenced last year on the Drama Channel — starting from the very first episode — and are continuing to air each and every morning.

The daily output has resulted in the soap reaching 2005, and — as a result — viewers have had the opportunity to see many an iconic moment, including the first appearance of Holby and Casualty titan Connie Beauchamp.



Classic Holby wouldn’t be complete with some classic Casualty, and fans of the latter will be pleased to know that — in spite of a short break off the air — Drama Channel have resumed their classic re-runs.

Series 13 — which was originally broadcast in 1998 — can be seen daily from 10am every day.

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