Who Killed Sara season 2: Who is Nicandro and how is he linked to Sara?

Who Killed Sara: Manolo Cardona stars in Netflix trailer

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Who Killed Sara? season two will arrive on Netflix on May 19 and the first season ended on the ultimate cliffhanger. Fans were still no closer to finding out who murdered the title character (played by Ximena Lamadrid), but there was a revelation about Sara’s past. Her brother Alex (Manolo Cardona) discovered she was not the person he thought she was, and she is somehow connected to Nicandro (Martin Saracho).

Who is Nicandro in Who Killed Sara?

Fans of the Mexican crime drama series were excited to see a new trailer arrive for the second instalment on April 27.

In the new season, Alex will discover more secrets surrounding his sister’s personality and the internal struggles she faced.

Answers should also be given regarding the mystery skeleton he dug up in his own back yard.

Netflix shared the trailer on Twitter, saying: “Who Killed Sara? Season 2 is gonna be tough on Alex.

“First they find a body in his backyard that threatens to send him back to jail, then he discovers information that makes him question everything he thought he knew about his sister.”

The trailer shows Alex paying a visit to Sara’s psychiatrist and he begs to find out who Sara really was.

He then references his sister’s notebook and the unusual behaviour she displayed at the end of season one.

The new trailer also shows Alex speaking about Nicandro Joven, and he is likely to play an important role.

Alex was seen asking Marifer (Ela Velden): “What do you know about Nicandro?”, but Marifer seems to be holding information back.

From the teaser, it is clear both Marifer and Sara had a deeper link to Nicandro.  

Marifer explained how Sara was more dangerous than they initially thought and a mysterious clip is shown.

A woman is seen cutting the breaks on a motorbike and a man, believed to be Nicandro, gets on said bike.

He ends up crashing into a car as he is unable to stop the sabotaged motorbike.

Nicandro was present when Sara died, but not much is known about him or his involvement.

He was a friend who had been at the lake the day Sara’s parachute failed to open and she plummeted into the water.

From what Marifer suggested, it could be that Nicandro wanted revenge on Sara for something she did to him in the past.

By the end of the first season, fans came to learn how Sara was a destructive person who was capable of anything.

Nicandro may have found himself on the wrong side of her and he needed a way to keep her off his back.

Alternatively, he may not have been directly involved in her death, but he could be withholding vital information about what really happened to her.

Either way, he will become one of Alex’s main targets in the upcoming season.

Fans have taken to YouTube to share their thoughts on the new trailer, with one saying: “Sara definitely isn’t who we think she was, I cant wait to see what happens!”

Another said: “I always got bad vibes from Sara from the beginning so I’m excited to see what else will be revealed.”

Viewers are hoping the series continues for years to come, with one saying: “Love the first season. I think Netflix could give this show at least until season 3 or 4.”

Judging by its popularity, there are high hopes for season two to be just as thrilling.

Who Killed Sara? is streaming on Netflix now. 

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