‘Why are you laughing!’ Brenda Edwards snaps at Coleen Nolan over Christmas dinner

Loose Women: Coleen and Brenda row over Christmas dinner

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Tuesday’s Loose Women saw Ruth Langsford, Coleen Nolan, Brenda Edwards and Gloria Hunniford on the panel after their Christmas time off. After reuniting with one another after the New Year’s celebrations, ITV presenter Brenda went on to complain about her Christmas being ruined and snapped at Coleen for laughing at her.

After speaking to Coleen about her Christmas and New Year’s, Ruth asked Brenda: “When we all saw each other on Christmas Eve, you said maybe I’ll go to Coleen’s for Christmas.

“Because you were working, and you only had the one day off?”

Brenda replied: “Yeah, I was only an hour away, and she didn’t invite me…” to which Coleen immediately interrupted: “You are such a liar!

“I phoned her, no – I text her and I put ‘Where are you?’ and she put ‘I’m back home’.”

Brenda cheekily jibed: “Which part of ‘where are you’ is ‘can you come round, do you want to come round for Christmas dinner?’”

Laughing at her sarcasm, Coleen said: “Well because, listen, because when you said, ‘I’m back home’, I thought phew, I don’t have to invite her!”

Not looking impressed, Brenda turned to Ruth and asked: “Do you see what I mean?”

Trying to save herself, Coleen added: “If you’d have said ‘I’m in Blackpool’, I would have said, ‘I’m on my way up, come back!’”

Making her friend and co-star feel bad for abandoning her over Christmas, Brenda joked: “I starved, I starved!”

But Coleen was having none of it and snapped back: “No, you didn’t, that was your fault!”

Brenda explained: “I love doing the whole Christmas dinner and everything, but basically, my turkey was still frozen.

“I had forgot my bacon and eggs and sausages back at the apartment in Blackpool, so the kids had no breakfast, and they had no Christmas dinner!”

Shocked at how poorly Brenda’s Christmas had turned out, Ruth gasped: “No, but your Christmas morning breakfast is important to you!”

Coleen could be heard laughing next to Brenda, to which she shot her an angry look and snapped: “Why (are) you laughing, why (are) you laughing though?

“I took it [turkey] out the night before Christmas Eve to season it up, so it would be ready for Christmas Day.

“Got to London, and it was still frozen, so I couldn’t season it up, and I forgot I took out the stuff, the breakfast stuff.

“I left it in the apartment on the side in a bag ready to take, forgot to take it, got distracted!” she revealed.

Feeling sorry for Brenda, Ruth said: “So Christmas morning, you go, ‘right, I’ll do the lovely breakfast I always do for the children’.”

Brenda continued: “But the thing was I kept going in, I kept going back and forward to my car thinking it must be in there!”

Wanting to move on from the conversation, Coleen teased: “She told this story this morning, took 10 hours it was nearly Christmas Eve again!”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV. 

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