Why Did It Take So Long or Don Cheadle to Host a Hilarious 'Saturday Night Live'?

Seriously, why did it take so long for Don Cheadle to host Saturday Night Live? The star of such films as Ocean’s 11, Hotel Rwanda, Boogie Nights and more has long been known to have stellar comedic chops to go with his acclaimed dramatic performances. And as he proved in this weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live, he has no problem hamming it up on live TV and acting like a complete goofball.

So let’s break down the best and worst sketches of a pretty damn good Don Cheadle hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Extreme Baking Championship -Even though there’s a whole series based around competition bakers making terrible versions of incredible confectionery creations, that didn’t make this sketch any less funny. Not only were the cartoon themed sweets absolutely terrible, but the sketch really won me over when it took a weird turn by having one of the abominable creations come to life and spew liquid frosting everywhere. Plus, that one line from Kyle Mooney about Yoda absolutely cracked me up.

Roach-Ex – I love it when the commercial parodies of Saturday Night Live take on a narrative of their own. In this case, the personification of roaches infesting a house turns into a houseguest overstaying their welcome, sleeping with Mikey Day’s wife, and playing board games with his kid. The result is the kind of dramatic stand-off we’ve seen before, and it’s made all the more ridiculous by Don Cheadle in a casual roach costume.

Wedding Venue Ad – Part of me wishes this would have been one of those intense commercials for Under-Underground concerts (RIP Ass Dan) where the announcer shouts everything at you like a monster truck commercial. But Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant as an old Greek couple trying to sell their wedding reception venue with all the cliches of an awful party location makes this equally as funny. And you’ve gotta love Don Cheadle taking photos and spinning records as the DJ too.

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