Why Hollywood still won’t cast Taylor Lautner

Once upon a time, Taylor Lautner’s face was everywhere you looked thanks to his leading role in the iconic book-to-movie series, Twilight. Lautner, who first stepped onto the acting scene as a kid, quickly rose to international fame and he seemed destined to star in other blockbusters. Heck, he even got Daniel Craig and Johnny Depp’s publicist to represent him as a client at one point. But what appeared to be a red hot career quickly cooled off as a time wore on, leading us to wonder why Hollywood stopped casting Lautner seemingly all of a sudden. 

Well, it’s a question that’s remains on our mind to this day as Lautner hasn’t starred in a hit for some time now. And in December 2018, Lautner’s role on the BBC sitcom Cuckoo came to a close, leaving us to wonder what will happen with his future in entertainment industry. It’s definitely possible, however, that the actor isn’t as interested in La La Land anymore, a theory we can back up with compelling evidence. So what’s really going here? Find a comfy spot and relax as we explore why Hollywood still won’t cast Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner still can't escape "Twilight"

The first order of business here is to address the big elephant in the room: Twilight. Because although Taylor Lautner’s co-stars, like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have gone on to somewhat successfully distance themselves from the series, he hasn’t been as lucky. Case in point: The internet went into a frenzy when Stewart showed up to Lautner’s birthday party in February 2019. The actor’s attendance spurred a ton of headlines, like W Magazine‘s article: “Kristen Stewart Had a Twilight Reunion With Taylor Lautner at His Birthday Party.” 

Clearly, Lautner is still very much attached to the franchise whether he likes it or not. He can’t even have 27th birthday bash without it stirring up press about his role, which ended in way back when in 2012. And to be perfectly honest, we can understand why movie execs might be hesitant to give Lautner a shot considering he hasn’t done much to shed the character of Jacob. It would be one thing if he managed to snag other roles like Stewart has, but for now his most popular work to date is still Twilight

Is Taylor Lautner not worth the trouble?

We don’t want to dredge up any old drama, but we can’t help but mention a 2011 allegation surrounding Taylor Lautner’s dad, Daniel Lautner. As The Hollywood Reporter claimed, Lautner was supposedly let go by his high-profile publicist Robin Baum after three months because of his father’s alleged antics. “Word is, his father, Daniel Lautner, isn’t the easiest guy to work with,” the outlet stated at the time.

Of course, this was back in 2011 and we’re sure Taylor doesn’t rely on his dad as much anymore. And if Daniel did act out of line, it’s possible he has since reformed himself for the better. Still, Hollywood doesn’t easily forget things, especially where it concerns so-called difficult people. Just ask Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl, who has struggled to re-enter the entertainment industry after she and momager, Nancy Heigl, reportedly pissed stakeholders off with their “difficult” behavior. 

So did Lautner’s dad torpedo his career? We can’t say for certain, but it’s a possibility.

Taylor Lautner has bigger concerns

It’s possible Taylor Lautner is taking a break from Hollywood to focus on his family, as an Instagram post from August 2018 seems to suggest. In the snap, Lautner leans down to give a kiss to his little sister, Makena Lautner, who appears lying in a hospital bed. “2nd heart procedure is finally a MASSIVE success,” he captioned the heartfelt shot. “Couldn’t possibly look up to this little/not so little girl any more. You are much braver than I @makenalautner.. Love you so.”

It isn’t clear why Makena was hospitalized, but it goes without saying heart surgery is no joke. And we commend Lautner for being by his sister’s side during this trying time, though we wouldn’t expect anything less from the doting sibling. The actor does post often about his sister, after all, like this adorable shoutout he shared in July 2018: “HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to this cool cucumber who inspires me every single day. One day I hope to grow up as cool as you. Love you more @makenalautner.”

Considering Lautner is very close to his sister, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s turning down roles to be there for his family. 

Taylor Lautner's priorities might have shifted

Just taking a quick glance at Taylor Lautner’s Instagram account, it’s clear he’s focusing on different priorities these days. What are we talking about, exactly? Well, instead of sharing on-set photos or pics with other actors, Lautner’s account is mostly filled with shots of his girlfriend (who is named Tay, btw), and vacation pics. It’s obvious Lautner is smitten with his lady love, who he has dated since October 2018. And it appears the feeling is mutual, as Tay posted a glowing tribute to Lautner on his 27th birthday in February 2019. “To the man with the sweetest heart, happy birthday! Day by day you amaze me,” she said. “The love, humility, and grace you radiate never goes unnoticed. Everyday with you is an adventure filled with cuddles & laughs and I am so grateful I get to do life with you!”

We’re taking a wild guess here, but it seems like Lautner is too busy with his girlfriend to focus on his career. And maybe Hollywood execs have noticed, too.

Let's not close the door on Taylor Lautner just yet

Although Taylor Lautner’s career seems to have reached a stalemate, don’t rule out a potential comeback just yet. That’s because it’s possible he might work with comedian Greg Davies again, his co-star in the BBC Three’s Cuckoo. Lautner received high praise for his work playing Dale on the comedy series, with The Telegraph‘s Gerard O’Donovan referring to his delivery as “very good indeed.” And this was no small feat, as Lautner had big shoes to fill when he replaced one of the show’s main stars, comedian Andy Samberg, in 2014. 

Lautner eventually left the show in December 2018, with actress Andie MacDowell stepping in as his replacement. And though he might not be on the show anymore, his work has left a lasting impression on the cast. Just ask Davies, who said he’s open to working with Lautner again down the line. “It’s an unlikely friendship,” Davies told Metro in November 2017. “We’re doing two more series next year. I get on really well with him. He’s a thoroughly decent chap.”

Sounds promising, right? We’d be pumped to see Lautner back in action, so here’s to hoping he can make this happen.

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