Why You Recognize The New Jake From State Farm

Plenty of viewers are likely familiar with “Jake from State Farm,” who debuted in a 2011 State Farm commercial where a customer (bizarrely) decides to call his insurance provider at 3 a.m. His wife, assuming he’s talking to another woman, snatches the phone away and demands to know what “Jake from State Farm” is wearing. “Uh… khakis?” comes Jake’s priceless response. The ad went viral. Sensing they were on the verge of something big, State Farm promptly made “Jake from State Farm” their mascot, even launching a dedicated Twitter account in his name.

As it turns out, “Jake from State Farm” is an actual State Farm employee named Jake Stone, per Distractify. While the original Jake enjoyed modest notoriety thanks to his starring role with State Farm, the brand came under fire years after they launched the commercial. That’s because the ad’s punchline (where the wife mentions that “she [Jake] sounds hideous” and the husband responds, “That’s because she’s a guy”) sparked backlash within the transgender community. According to Medium, many “were upset at the implication that a deep voice indicated a hideous woman.” Amid the controversy, State Farm needed a clean slate, a.k.a. one that didn’t include the original Jake.

So, who is the new Jake from State Farm? And why do we recognize him?

'New Jake' starred in a Super Bowl LV commercial with Drake

In 2021, State Farm introduced the world to the “new” Jake, explaining that while the original Jake did a great job of delivering his line, the updated role is “very demanding,” as State Farm’s assistant VP of marketing, Patti Morris, told Muse. Therefore, a professional actor was needed to fill the slot. “Moving ahead, consumers will see Jake in culturally relevant moments, being his usual helpful self,” Morris added.

Turns out that State Farm wasn’t kidding about those culturally relevant moments, because the new Jake appeared in a Super Bowl LV commercial! He wasn’t alone either. New Jake was in the ad alongside football legends like Aaron Rogers and Patrick Mahomes, both of whom discussed their respective stand-ins. (Side note: Who knew Paul Rudd could throw a football? Well, kinda.) New Jake got a stand-in too: hunky Canadian rapper/actor, Drake.

The ad was an instant hit, as Twitter buzzed over new Jake, and debated whether or not he resembled Drake. “Why’s the new Jake from State Farm kinda sexy,” one user asked, later adding, “insurance commercial men be hitting different.” One bold person even declared the new “Jake from State Farm” to be “finer than Drake.”

'New Jake' has a promising career in Hollywood

As Twitter hinted, a lot of people think that the new “Jake from State Farm” is sexy. This may even include fellow actors! According to Distractify, new Jake — who goes by Kevin Mimms or Kevin Miles — has struck up a close friendship with The Kissing Booth star, Joey King. Back in 2020, he was on hand to wish her a happy birthday. “You inspire me,” he posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of the two of them together. “From workouts that make us feel nauseous, to life talks & poop talks, I’m having a blast with you in my life fam. Thanks for welcoming me into your life with open arms. I love you kid.”

Whether or not this dynamic duo is anything more than friends still remains to be seen, but at the very least, they’re clearly close! Fans may also recognize new Jake (or Kevin) from other commercials, including Coors Light, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell (via Distractify). Judging by his IMDb page, he’s had a successful career so far, appearing in films like Miles Away, Emmanuel and Me, ism, and Jack Squared, as well as TV series, Criminal Minds, Underdogs, and S.W.A.T.

We have the feeling State Farm isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing new Jake.

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