Will Ferrell Must Name Most Difficult 'SNL' Host or Eat Something Truly Terrible

The “Holmes & Watson” star is also challenged to name his least favorite Will Ferrell movie, while James Corden is asked the last names of his band members.

Will Ferrell squared off against some truly disgusting — we wanna say food? — items on the latest installment of James Corden’s "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts."

The grossest game in late night is actually pretty simple to play. It’s a classic face-off between James and his guest. One chooses something awful to put in front of the other. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to either answer an incredibly difficult question or partake of some absolutely awful concoctions.

This time, James and Will were faced with such delicacies as turkey testicles, ant yogurt, water scorpion, fish eyes, cow tongue and a lovely raw clam shooter with Vienna Sausage juice.

"That’s a nice touch," Will joked about the addition of Vienna Sausage juice to something already pretty gross.

And so of course he had this item quickly placed in front of him when he was asked to name the most difficult "Saturday Night Live" host during his time there.

"That’s easy," he said before a brief pause. But utlimately, he decided that he couldn’t go there, so down the hatch.

We have to give Will props as he was a champ throughout this competition when he chose not to answer a question. At one point he was asked which Will Ferrell movie was his least favorite while facing a cup of ant yogurt.

"They’re all like my children," he said, to which James quickly responded, "Which of your children is your least favorite.

Just as fast, Will shot back, "Jackson." When the audience responded, he told them, "No, he knows it. He knows it."

For the very next question, Will asked James the same thing while spinning turkey testicles in front of him. "It’s okay," he said as James hesitated. "I’ll never come on your show again."

But the absolute highlight of the entire segment — or lowlight, perhaps, if you’re James Corden — came when Will placed giant water scorpion in front of James.

"You’ve had these people in your band since the show started. Obviously, you know their first names, Will said. "What are their last names?"

Oh, this was downright painful to watch as James had to make his way one by one through his house band and come up with their last names. He took over "The Late Late Show" as of March 23, 2015, so it’s been more than three-and-a-half years.

It also probably got everyone in America wondering if they know the last names of all their coworkers. Like, should we think this is awful of James that he really fumbled his way through this before coming to a complete halt at guitarist Tim– Tim– Tim–

To his credit, James did finally come up with Tim’s last name. But even more to his credit, and almost as if in penance, he ate the scorpion anyway.

Check out all the gross action in the video above, including the item that almost got a real vomit out of James.

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