Will Marvel's Kevin Feige Reveal Phase 4 Timeline At Comic-Con 2019?

Marvel Studios is heading to San Diego Comic-Con this month, and president Kevin Feige is expected to participate in the panel discussion. Event organizers released the full schedule for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, confirming that Marvel will host a panel in Hall H. Little details have been released about the highly anticipated event, though fans are hopeful that Feige and company will reveal the timeline for Phase 4.

Inside Marvel’s Comic-Con appearance

This weekend, San Diego Comic-Con confirmed that Marvel Studios will be hosting a panel on Saturday evening. After releasing the last two movies in Phase 3 – Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home – Marvel has done little to promote Phase 4. Fans, however, are hopeful that will change at comic-con, especially since Feige will be making an appearance.

According to Inverse, the event description teases that “surprise panelists” will be on hand to discuss the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. The announcement also confirmed that Feige will be on the panel, though how much he will take part in the discussion is still unclear. The announcement did not reveal any specific topics, though there is a good reason to believe that the group will discuss what is ahead for our favorite superheroes.

Will Marvel reveal a Phase 4 timeline?

With Phase 3 officially at an end, it seems only logical thatthe group will talk about the future of the MCU. Marvel will likely keepspoilers to a minimum, but fans can expect some new title announcements andrelease dates. That said, the studio will probably abstain from releasing thefull schedule for Phase 4.

As fans may recall, Marvel announced an entire slate of new movies back in 2016, including Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame. They now know that revealing too many titles ahead of time was a bad move and will likely make smaller announcements from here on out.

Feige previously revealed that Phase 4 will span the nextfive years and currently does not include any of the acquisitions from Disney’sbuyout of Fox. Feige also assured fans that they know exactly where they wantto go in the next five or six years, which means that Phase 4 has already beencompletely mapped out.

For San Diego Comic-Con, fans should realistically expecttitle announcements for 2020 and 2021. Anything beyond that will probably bekept tightly under wraps.

What’s next for Marvel?

Luckily, we already know that Marvel is working on a few newprojects for next year.  Filming hasalready started for Black Widow,which will probably be the next Marvel film released in theaters. Insidesources claim that production for TheEternals is scheduled to begin in a few months, so that could be second inline.

Producers are also working on several sequels to existing franchises, including Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy, though no official release dates have been set.

Several other projects are believed to be in the pipeline. Asequel to Captain Marvel seems like ano-brainer given the success of the original. We even got a teaser for anotherCaptain Marvel appearance in the post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home. There is also some speculation that thenext Avengers film will mark the endof Phase 4. Unfortunately, Feige is unlikely to confirm any of these details,especially if doing so will reveal spoilers for upcoming movies.

Marvel teases Disney streaming shows

Apart from the MCU, the official panel description hintsthat Feig and company will talk about the new spin-offs that will hit Disney+in the near future. So far, we know of several series that are underdevelopment at the moment, including Falcon& Winter Soldier, WandaVision,and Hawkeye.

Loki is also expected to get his own series, though it hasyet to be confirmed. Details concerning the new shows have been slim, so itwill be interesting to see how much Feige reveals.

Marvel’s panel will officially take place on Saturdayevening, July 20, at San Diego Comic-Con.

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