Wreck creator details ‘three-series plan’ and show’s future

Wreck: First look at new BBC Three comedy thriller

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The drama recently premiered on BBC Three and is now streaming on the BBC iPlayer as a boxset for audiences to binge in one go. Wreck follows Jamie (played by Oscar Kennedy), who goes undercover on a cruise ship to discover what really happened to his sister Pippa (Jodie Tyack) after she met a tragic but sinister end while working onboard. As Jamie ingratiates himself into life below deck and gets to know some of the colourful characters on board the MS Sacramentum, he discovers more about Pippa’s life before her untimely end.

However, Jamie will be facing an unseen danger as someone dressed up a big fluffy duck called Quacky – the ship’s mascot – will be hacking people to death and operating unseen.

Speaking about the future of the programme, Brown said: “What’s been amazing is I’ve always had a plan, a three-series plan and everyone’s always been very on board with that.

“And so with series one, I’ve completely written that as if there will be a second series. There’s no doubt in my mind.

“While also making sure season one was satisfying, but I think when people have finished the first series, they’re going to be gagging for the second series because there are some huge things that happen in the last episode.”

Brown said “to an extent” season one was left with lots of loose ends: “We are working on series two in the event it happens, so I’m very busy with that.”

The writer added: “I’ve written half of the series and we’ll know hopefully very soon if we get to go.”

Although Wreck’s next series is now in development, season two has yet to officially get the green light from the BBC with the broadcaster looking at the viewing figures.

Brown said he wanted to do a slasher show in the vein of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer with this depiction of horror a rarity on UK TV, which has traditionally veered towards gothic horror.

Wreck was sometime in the making with the coronavirus pandemic affecting development, but it also added a new dimension of horror to the show.

Brown explained: “What was weird was, whilst writing the show Covid happened and it did become eerily similar to the situation.

“So on our ship, this kids are stuck down below in these tiny cabins. They’re promised a big, bright future, they’re promised adventure and when they start working onboard, they find themselves trapped and it’s not the dream they were promised.

“I feel at the time, at the height of Covid, a lot of young people felt that way. It was a happy accident really.”

Adding: “As the show goes along, you see the adults on board are in charge and that was obviously the same with Covid.

“Kids were stuck in their bedrooms at the mercy of adults, who we now know were having a good old time and I tried to capture that in the show as well and it was crazy how similar it ended up being.”

Brown reflected on Wreck’s five-year journey to screens: “A little bit of that was to do with – it was something no one had read anything like it before.

“The BBC were always fully on board and wanted to let my freak flag fly and just go for it but they also just wanted to make sure this was perfect, which I think is good when you’re doing something that isn’t done very often.

“And so, we’ve been working on this for a while. And then Covid hit and we filmed a lot in Covid, which is incredible.”

On his upcoming work, Brown said: “I’ve got another two projects with the BBC that are still at development stage and one of them is a big, fun splashy BBC One comedy-drama again similar in tone to Wreck about a gay private detective. We’ve got a really cool, big Hollywood name attached to that.

“And then I have a thriller series. A dark, comedy thriller series for again BBC One which we’re developing and has a really cool person attached.

“In all of my work, I’m trying to play around with genre, play around with genre conventions and play around with British genre conventions because we got a lot of the same TV here,

“I think. Let’s experiment and have fun, not everything has to the same show over and over.

Wreck is streaming on the BBC iPlayer now

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