Agonising moment over-excited groom drops bride-to-be's engagement ring down Times Square drain seconds after she said yes

The unknown proposer’s expensive fumble was captured on CCTV, with footage showing the ring falling through the utility grate, where it landed about eight feet below the footpath in New York.

The clip also shows the man lying on his stomach in a desperate attempt to retrieve the jewellery, but as the couple were unable to reach it, they gave up and walked away.

The good news is, however, that cops at the New York Police Department have managed to retrieve the ring.

The bad news is that no one knows who, or where, the couple are.

Cops have taken to social media to track them down, posting on Facebook: “Wanted for dropping his fiancee’s ring in Times Square!

“She said yes – but he was so excited that he dropped the ring in a grate. Our special operations officers worked hard to rescue it and would like to return it to the happy couple.

“Can you help us find them?”

Reaction to the successful recovery has ranged from one person posting on the force's Facebook page that the man "is lucky he didn't get mugged", to another who mocked that it was a "grate proposal".

Cops said that the mystery proposer was about 5ft 9in with short brown hair and a “manicured beard” while the woman is about 5ft 5in with blonde hair.

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