Aldi customer horrified after finding false eyelash sealed within packet of meat

A REVOLTED Aldi customer found a false eyelash sealed in a cut of lamb as she made a Sunday roast.

Kerri Tucker, 36, shared photos of the eyelash after spotting it in the pack of meat at the weekend.

The civil servant, of Preston, Lancashire, said she "instantly" recognised it as a “false eyelash with another natural eyelash attached".

Images show the jet black lash was visible through the £3.49 lamb’s packaging.

Another picture shows the object close up, revealing its long, wispy strands.

A horrified Kerri took to social media to share her discovery, posting the photos with the caption: “Went to open lamb purchased at your Fulwood store and it had a fake eyelash inside the packaging,” along with a vomiting emoji.

She said she suspected that the “false eyelash” had fallen out as the lamb was packaged at the factory.

The images prompted one social media to brand the discovery “absolutely rank”.

Kerri said: “I was concerned about how it had managed to get in there.

“I didn’t touch it – I scraped it off the meat with a knife.

“I’ve had individual lashes myself in the past, so I knew instantly that’s what it was.

“There was also another natural eyelash which is obviously what it was attached to and has somehow come out and got on the lamb and in the packaging.

“Given that beauty treatments aren’t going ahead at the moment due to Covid-19 it’s a bit odd.

"Maybe they’ve applied them themselves or it’s been applied by a member of their household.”

Aldi later apologised to Kerri, offering her a £10 voucher and telling her they would log the issue with their supplier.

An Aldi spokeswoman said: “Our supplier has robust processes in place to prevent foreign objects from entering production.

“We have apologised to Ms Tucker that this product didn’t meet our usual high standards and have provided her with a full refund.”

Kerri added: “Aldi have offered a refund, but I have been told to go back to the store with receipt and packaging.

"I’m not bothered about the voucher, I'm just happy to receive a refund and that they are going to review it internally.”

It comes weeks after an Aldi customer said she vomited after finding a 'pus-filled abscess' on her £1.65 chicken.

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