Amanda Knox’s ex Raffaele Sollecito gets engaged and announces his happy news on Instagram – The Sun

AMANDA Knox's former flame Raffaele Sollecito is engaged to be married.

Pals were quick to congratulate the Italian ex-murder suspect after he announced the news on Instagram.

Sollecito was arrested along with American student "Foxy Knoxy" for the murder of British woman Meredith Kercher in Italy in 2007.

After twice being convicted, the country's highest court found him not guilty in March 2015.

Amanda, who has since moved back to the US and married her partner Christopher Robinson, was also freed on appeal.

At the time, Sollecito said the murder was "a tragedy that has destroyed my life".

But he's now celebrating after posting a photograph of him posing with his new fiancee against a snow-peaked mountain backdrop – along with the caption: "with my bride to be".

Sollecito, 31, and Knox, now 32, were originally convicted of murdering University of Leeds student Meredith, 21, in 2007.

She was found dead in an apartment in Perugia which she shared with exchange student Knox.

Sollecito and Knox were eventually freed on appeal amid dramatic court scenes which made headlines around the world.

Rudy Guede, 33, is now serving life after being separately convicted of killing Meredith.

American Knox moved in with several other students including Meredith at Via della Pergola.

While there she started dating Sollecito, an Italian student who worked in a bar.

But on November 2, 2007, Amanda's life changed forever.

Italian police claimed Meredith – who was stabbed 47 times – died after a sex game went wrong.

In the days after the killing, Knox was interrogated by cops and falsely claimed she had seen Patrick Lumumba, a Congolese bar owner, carry out the slaying.

The American later claimed that she was “psychologically tortured” into making a false statement.

Mr Lumumba had a firm alibi for the night of the murder and was released by police without charge.

Three years ago Knox started dating Christopher Robinson – a Seattle-based poet and novelist, whose sci-fi themed proposal went viral in November 2018.

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