Angry shop owner tells customers 'don't wear a mask – Matt doesn't' after Hancock broke distancing rules with affair

FUMING shop owners are telling customers “don't wear a mask – Matt Hancock doesn't” after the disgraced ex-health secretary broke distancing rules with his affair.

The bosses of House Interiors in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, were livid after reading The Sun's exclusive exposing the sleaze-embroiled politician.

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They created a poster using our front page snap of Mr Hancock snogging aide Gina Coladangelo and groping her bum.

It was captioned: "Welcome to House Interiors. Don't wear a mask if you don't want to. Matt doesn't."

Owners Sophie Harrison, 30, and Kelly Shackleton, 32, fumed: "All the funerals, weddings, families who have suffered and he does this.

"What a joke. No longer complying. Please feel free to shop mask free."

Mr Hancock – who last night dramatically quit his high-powered role after being accused of being a hypocrite – continues to anger Brits with his astonishing arrogance during the Covid pandemic.

Kelly told The Sun: "We simply want to remind people that they do have a choice and can have an opinion.

"If they want to continue to wear a mask they can.

"However, surely mask-wearing cannot go on forever, we want our lives back.

"How can 60,000 people sit in a stadium – yet I cannot watch my child at an outdoor sports day!"

It comes as…

  • Matt Hancock announced he was resigning almost 48 hours after his affair with his aide was exposed
  • The Health Secretary told his wife he was leaving her as the affair was revealed
  • Gina Coladangelo has left her position on the Department of Health board after the affair with Hancock
  • Read Matt Hancock's resignation letter in full
  • Boris Johnson told Hancock 'you should be proud of what you've achieved' as he accepted his resignation
  • Sajid Javid will be the new Health Secretary

Face masks have been mandatory in shops, pubs and on public transport for a whole year under strict Covid-19 measures.

Boris Johnson recently confirmed that the so-called 'Freedom Day' will be pushed forward to July 19.

So, the wearing of face coverings continues to be compulsory on public transport and in indoor settings such as shops, and will be until at least July 5 when lockdown could be lifted.

In North Yorkshire, Kelly and Sophie's push to give shoppers a choice in the wake of the Hancock snogging scandal has been applauded by scores of locals in the picturesque market town.

They described it as the "Hancock effect".

Sam Gill wrote on social media: "Fab! Well done! Wish more Businesses would wake up and do this too!"

James Briston replied: "Absolutely brilliant. All the people who are worried about Covid, and some of them rightly so, continue to wear a mask.

"Those that don’t wear masks accept the risks at their own peril… hope more businesses follow suit."

Jacob William added: "The sign clearly gives the shopper a choice. Let's all get over it and live life now."

Meg Chegg said: "What a prat this man is. The whole thing is beyond a joke now… lead by example and all that."

Samantha Jordan urged: "This should be on windows all over the UK."

But the post has also sparked anger at a time of rising Covid infections, with the Delta variant from India still hitting the UK.

Student cases have soared to the highest level since January with fears that schools will be forced to shut.

Elizabeth Humphreys wrote: "Although I completely disapprove of Matt Hancock’s actions, we still have a duty to protect others.

"Covid is still very real, let’s not put others at risk for the sake of a principle, let’s remember what is really at play here."

And Karine McMurray said: "I agree and understand all this anger.

"Over a year of trying to do what's right and this individual simply didn't care.

"He was worried more about what's in his pants than the public health which was his duty.

"However this post is not gonna help anything."

There is also anger in Newmarket – Mr Hancock is the Conservative MP for West Suffolk.

Ex-Stansted Airport baggage handler Adam Pyke, 36, told the Guardian: "It’s kicked off across WhatsApp and Facebook.

"How can he spout off about social distancing and go on telly telling us what to do when he can’t follow the rules himself?

"I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners.”

Angry fellow constituent Carol Haverley said that Mr Hancock "has absolutely no shame", as she slammed him for being "too busy having it off with someone else’s wife.

“It’s disgusting. Everything about him is sleazy.”

Mr Hancock was filmed kissing his aide at the Department of Health’s London HQ during office hours last month as the mutant Delta strain began spreading.

A Whitehall whistleblower told The Sun it was “shocking that Mr Hancock was having an affair in the middle of a pandemic with an adviser and friend he used public money to hire”.

Grieving families who have lost loved ones to coronavirus have written to the Prime Minister after he refused to sack Matt Hancock in the wake of his secret affair being exposed.

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