Are these the world’s ugliest Christmas jumpers? Jokers proudly show off carrot bra sweaters and exposed bellies

The ugly Christmas jumper has become a meme ever since Mark D’arcy stole Bridget Jones’ heart all those years ago with his famous Rudolf turtleneck.

But there probably won’t be many happy endings for these holiday horrors.

This gallery of sartorially challenged chumps is certain to give more of a Merry Cringemas than anything else.

From saucy snowmen to pooing Santas this lot have gone complete baubles out this year.

Yule either laugh or cry when you feast your eyes on these holly jolly jumpers.

Santa Belly

I came in like a wrecking baubles

Snow job

Away in a minger

It’s a bit nippy out

God’s gift

Just abominable

We wish you a MAGA Christmas

Oh deer

Mary’s boy child

Willy jumper

Baby it's cold outside

Crappy Holidays

Saint Knickers

A real Christmas cracker

What were Yule thinking?

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