Asian-American blogger, 32, is bombarded with racism over coronavirus

‘Stop eating bats and snakes’: Beauty blogger, 32, reveals xenophobic and racist abuse she’s received over coronavirus – and reminds her followers ‘I’m an American’

  • Beauty blogger and entrepreneur Michelle Phan slammed racist comments that accused Asian people of ‘starting all sorts of diseases’ amid coronavirus panic
  • ‘I’m American’ Phan, 32, lashed out in response to the ‘dumb as rocks’ comments
  • Phan was born and raised in the United States to parents who were refugees from Vietnam
  • She is the co-founder of beauty subscription service Ipsy and has 8.9 million YouTube subscribers
  • The coronavirus outbreak is believed to have started in China not Vietnam
  • There are currently ten confirmed cases in Vietnam and eleven in the US

Beauty blogger and entrepreneur Michelle Phan hit back at the racist comments she’s received amid the global coronavirus scare, reminding followers ‘I’m American’. 

Phan, 32, tweeted her disgust at comments she received accusing Asian people of ‘starting all sorts of diseases’ because they ‘eat creatures left, right and center’.   

In a series of tweets, the YouTuber slammed the comments stating that ‘people are still dumb as rocks’.

Phan was born and raised in the United States to parents who were refugees from Vietnam, not China, where the coronavirus is believed to have originated.  

Michelle Phan, 32, slammed the racist comments she’s received since the outbreak of the coronavirus reminding followers ‘I’m American’ in response to their anti-Asian remarks

On Saturday, February 1, the 32-year-old business woman tweeted her disgust at comments she’s received regarding the coronavirus outbreak and accusations that Asian people are guilty of starting diseases because they ‘eat creatures’. 

She tweeted a screenshot of a conversation with a follower stating ‘I snapped’. 

‘Why do you Asians eat creatures left right and centre???? Dead or alive… all body parts!!!!! That’s why your starting all sorts of diseases!!!!,’ the person wrote on Phan’s Instagram. 

The beauty blogger responded: ‘@0011love1100 Why do you settlers give out smallpox infected blankets to Native Americans, wiping out 95% of their population?’

In response, several Twitter users added to the xenophobic comments, telling Phan to ‘stop eating bats’.  

‘I’d like to remind the Chinese, eating rats, bats, and anything else that moves, results in disease,’ one user replied. 

‘I’d also like to remind the poster, that being a manufacturing powerhouse doesn’t excuse mainstream animal abuse by a nation.’ 

Another responded: ‘You guys should just stop EATING everything that moves.

‘You put the world in this position.’ 

Boston-born blogger and entrepreneur Michelle Phan has 8.9 million YouTube subscribers

Phan, 32, posted a screenshot of a racist conversation left on her Instagram account

Phan continued to tweet a further three times about the racism she was dealing with because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

‘I’d like remind the people who’ve been racist towards Asians because of the coronavirus. 90% of everything you own was made in China including your phone. Bye,’ she wrote. 

In a further tweet, she reminded commenters that she is American writing: ‘Why are some of you telling me to go back to eating bats? I’m American you ignorant f—s.’ 

In a final tweet, Phan added: ‘I can’t believe we’re in 2020 and people are still dumb as rocks. I take that back, I shouldn’t insult rocks.’

Phan is an American make-up artist and notable YouTube personality with more than 8.9 million YouTube subscribers. 

She also co-founded the make-up and beauty product subscription service Ipsy, which describes itself as the world’s largest beauty community of 3 million+ monthly members. 

The 32-year-old entrepreneur was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Tampa, Florida. 

Her parents are both refugees from Vietnam, not from China, where the coronavirus is thought to have originated. There are currently ten confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Vietnam, one less than in the US. 

Phan was not alone in pushing back on the racist comments being made as a result of the increasing coronavirus panic. 

In France, Asian people began using the hashtag #Jenesuispasunvirus, ‘I am not a virus’, to speak out about the racist comments they have faced. 

In an email to NBC, Robert Fullilove, professor of sociomedical sciences at New York’s Columbia Medical Center, stated that panic can lead to a temptation to blame the ‘other’. 

‘If anything, I am tempted to predict that xenophobia will rise in significance to precisely the degree to which our sources of information — all of them, not just media — give us stuff to panic about,’ Fullilove said. 

Since the first case of the coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, at least 259 people have died and more than 10,000 have been infected.

There are currently eleven total coronavirus patients confirmed in the US. A further 36 are ‘people under investigation,’ 82 tests are pending and 167 people have tested negative. 

The second case of human-to-human transmission in the US was confirmed in California on Saturday.

On Tuesday, the US Food and Drug Administration extended the use of a coronavirus detection tool to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-qualified laboratories across the country. 

The move is meant to speed diagnosis and containment of coronavirus patients to control its spread in the US.  

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