Aussie dresses up as a kangaroo and convinces joey to hop in his pouch

Adorable moment man dresses up as a kangaroo and convinces a timid joey named Nigel to hop into his pouch

  • A man has dressed up in a kangaroo onesie and convinced a joey to hop in
  • The joey, named Nigel, sits on his own in the front of a home in Temora, NSW
  • He then hops up to the man before jumping head first into the artificial pouch
  • The TikTok has gone viral, with 2.4 million views and appearing on The Project 

An Aussie larrikin has dressed up as a kangaroo and convinced a joey to hop into his pouch. 

The adorable TikTok posted on Monday by user Nicolas Elwin showing a young man dressing up in a kangaroo onesie before kneeling down in front of the joey, opening his ‘pouch’ for it has gone viral.

Filmed in the front yard of a home in Temora in central NSW, the joey, named Nigel, seems to be on his own as the man approaches him in costume. 

A hilarious TikTok has gone viral showing a joey jumping into the pouch of a man dressed in a kangaroo onesie (pictured)

The joey slowly hops over to the man before slipping headfirst into the artificial pouch sewn into the front of the man’s costume.     

Set to Rolf Harris’ ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, the video shows the man and his friends looking on with glee as the joey makes itself comfortable in the pouch.  

‘Tell me you’re from Australia without telling me you’re from Australia,’ wrote one viewer on TikTok.

‘The fact that it worked is hilarious,’ wrote another.

‘How to kidnap a kangaroo 101,’ said one.

‘Poor baby wants his mummy. Such a cute video. I hope little joey was ok,’ another commented.

Nigel also now has his own Instagram page. 

The video has been viewed over 2.4 million times and has appeared on national news show The Project

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