'Bank robber' takes £150k after telling bank he was G4S security guard

Cunning ‘bank robber’ walks out with cases containing £150,000 after telling Santander staff he was a G4S security guard… despite no collection being scheduled and him NOT wearing the right uniform

  • A crook posed as a G4S security guard to trick bank staff into handing over cash 
  • The criminal walked away with cash boxes that had a total of £150,000 inside
  • He carried out the offence at Santander’s branch in Brixton, south London

A crook posed as a G4S security guard to trick bank staff into handing over cash boxes with £150,000 inside.

The criminal strolled into a Santander’s Brixton branch in a uniform kitted out with both a helmet and visor, although sources claimed it wasn’t even a G4S uniform.

The man reportedly showed a fake ID and took two boxes at once, which is against regulation.

The crime took place at Santander’s store in Brixton (pictured, file image), in south London

‘It’s being called the Noah’s Ark job — because the cash boxes went out two by two,’ a source told The Sun.

Another source said questions had to be asked as they claimed the uniform wasn’t even a G4S one.

The criminal may have had a getaway driver waiting to rush him away from the scene in south London.

Staff at the Santander branch only became worried it was a con when the crook didn’t return to sign for the six boxes that had £25,000 each in them.

Although the cash boxes have coded dyes that would soak the bank notes if anyone unauthorised accessed them, the criminal may have had inside help to get past this obstacle.

Police have been questioning staff and looking at CCTV of the suspect. Santander is working with the police on the matter.

MailOnline has contacted G4S for comment.

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