Beauty blogger bravely stands out as a victim of domestic violence

Beauty blogger, 28, bravely stands up against domestic violence as she shares footage of her being dragged back home by her boyfriend when she tried to escape from his beating

  • Chinese blogger He Yuya, 28, has stood out as a victim of domestic violence
  • She rose to fame last year after turning herself into celebrities using cosmetics
  • In a lengthy post, she detailed how her ex had hit, slammed and threatened her
  • ‘Every day has been a nightmare for me in the past half a year,’ Ms He added 
  • Police and authorities have started investigations after her shocking revelation 

A Chinese beauty blogger has bravely identified herself as a victim of domestic violence after suffering from a year-long, abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

He Yuya, 28, wowed the internet after turning herself into various celebrities – including Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson and Johnny Depp – using nothing but cosmetics.

But when she was not in the spotlight, the glitzy makeup artist said she was repeatedly and brutally beaten by her ex, 44, who threatened to kill himself should she tell on him.

He Yuya, a 28-year-old Chinese beauty blogger, has released footage of her being dragged out of a lift by her abusive ex-boyfriend as she identified herself as a victim of domestic violence

The glitzy makeup artist said she was repeatedly beaten by her ex, 44, in a brutal way during their year-long relationship that began last September. Police have launched an investigation

‘Every time I got beaten, it would take a week for my face to recover and I could not record programmes,’ Ms He said yesterday in a video posted on Twitter-like Weibo to her social media account, which has 921,000 followers.

‘Every day has been a nightmare for me in the past half a year,’ she added, claiming the violence started six months into their relationship.

Along with the post, the blogger shared a surveillance video which shows her being savagely dragged out of a lift. 

She said the clip was filmed outside her ex’s flat in Chongqing and she was trying to escape from him after he started to beat her on the night of August 21.

Her ex forcefully pulled her out of the lift, and then started to choke her by squeezing her neck before smashing her head towards the wall, Ms He claimed.

‘[I] struggled for a long time and have finally found the courage to tell everyone the truth. I don’t want to be stay silent. I don’t wish other girls to [go through the same experience],’ Ms He added. 

Ms He revealed her sufferings in a video she posted onto her social media account yesterday

‘Every day has been a nightmare for me in the past half a year,’ Ms He said, claiming she finally decided to share the experience to prevent other women from being abused by her ex

Police have started an investigation and Ms He has hired a lawyer to take legal actions. 

The Women’s Association of Chongqing has teamed up with local authorities and launched a separate investigation. 

According to Ms He’s post, her ex is a three-time divorcee. His first and second wife decided to split from him after their marriages turned violent. The two women also spoke out about their suffering in Ms He’s video.

Ms He said she was initially attracted by her ex after he posed as a talented, brave, charitable and kind artist in front of her while chasing her.

The blogger shot to fame last year after transforming herself into the Mona Lisa with cosmetics

She has also filmed herself transforming into popular American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift

‘In the beginning, I believed him. I thought at the time that it was my fortune to meet such a perfect man. I was sucked into his whirlpool and that was the beginning of my nightmare.’

She said her ex would scold her, beat her and intimidate her for ‘even the smallest thing’. 

She claimed she had been beaten severely on five occasions between April 8 and August 29. 

In the most serious case, her ex was said to be enraged after she made a casual comment about him and his students while dining outside. 

After they returned home, he allegedly hit her, slammed her body onto the ground and stomped her face with his feet.

‘I could even smell the dirt on the sole of his shoe. That kind of humiliation… that kind of humiliation,’ Ms He cried and failed to finish the sentence. She said she was left unable to stand up that night. 

Ms He said she regretted not having gone to the police immediately after being abused each time. 

‘I and all the others who have been harmed by him have finally gathered courage to speak out about the terrible things that have happened to us. 

‘Although I worry about him taking revenge against me in the future, I really don’t want more people to be cheated and harmed by him,’ she said.

‘What I regret more is why I had not seen his true colour earlier, why I had not reported to the police immediately, why I had chosen to be silent.

‘I hope this time, it’s not too late,’ she concluded.  

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