Bish, bash, Boris gets Brexit done to bask in his moment of glory

THIS time last week, Boris Johnson’s salivating enemies – mostly in his own party – were counting the days until he was ousted as a “No Deal” flop.

He silenced them on Christmas Eve with a treaty triumph which eclipsed leaden Tory PMs such as John Major and Theresa May and achieved more in a single day than Tony Blair did in a decade.

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We are OUT at last, exactly what the British grown-ups voted for nearly five years ago. 

We have control over our borders and our money once more, can soon catch as much fish as we like, and the freedom to do as we please without being hauled before the hated European Court of Justice. 

What’s more, we are leaving without the punishment beating planned by vindictive French President Emmanuel Macron. 

Even the Germans admire the UK victory. “Your PM has achieved a deal which is ­nothing short of sensational,” says Alexander Von Schoenberg, a senior ­journalist on the popular Bild ­newspaper.

Today, “Sunshine King” Boris is at the height of his ­powers and popularity. 

He is free from relentless negotiations with Brussels. He can focus on Covid, his meddling scientific advisors — and turning UK plc into the most prosperous nation in Europe. “Freedom is what you make of it,” says the PM as he plans the biggest job-creating shake-up since the 1980s Thatcher revolution.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is working on a streamlined new tax system, liberating British business and luring investment from around the globe.

Jobs-rich freeports will sprout as competitive tax-free enclaves where goods move seamlessly to and from overseas markets.

A tsunami of offshore cash is heading this way for a ­Tomorrow’s World of artificial intelligence, robot technology, pharmaceuticals and genetic science.


Government money is being splurged on transport and communications in the Red Wall heartlands of the ­Midlands and the North.

A massive £200billion in pent-up punters’ savings will hit shops, restaurants and pubs as soon as lockdown is lifted.

Tax revenues will help pay down our crippling debt.

Brilliant UK negotiator Lord Frost believes we are set for a “Roaring Twenties” economic boom.

“This should be the beginning of a moment of ­national renewal,” he says.

“All choices are in our hands. It’s up to us to decide how we use them.”

By the end of 2021, even diehard Remainers will see why it was worth breaking free.

There will be political spin-offs, too.

Labour leader Keir Starmer, who fought his own voters over rejoining the EU, has been left with a party still bickering about the 2016 referendum.

Gobby SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is likely to see enthusiasm for Scottish independence evaporate as the benefits from Brexit feed through. 

Why would canny Scots swap a thriving UK and surging Pound for a blighted EU and its stricken euro?

And without the divisive independence issue, what’s the point of the SNP?

Boris deserves his moment of glory. This is the man who defied critics, twice won Mayor of Labour-dominated London, seized the premiership and beat Speaker Bercow with an 80-seat election majority.

Even friends and admirers wonder how he’s done it.

But others also deserve credit. Nigel Farage invented Brexit. Dominic Cummings masterminded the 2016 Leave vote.

But I am talking about you — the millions of Sun readers who have driven the euro-sceptic agenda for the past four decades. You were Thatcher’s Army. You fought in the trenches to save the Pound. You declared war on the ­scandalous EU Constitution.


Most memorably, at noon on November 1, 1990, you lined up in your thousands, looked across The Channel and, ­waving the Sun’s famous front page, shouted: “Up Yours Delors”!

But the biggest victory came as Tony Blair, then enjoying sky-high poll ratings, prepared to take Britain into the euro regardless.

It was The Sun, not Gordon Brown, who forced him to promise a referendum — or face the wrath of our readers in the next General Election.

So at this historic moment millions of Sun-reading Brexiteers can justly raise a glass and see in the New Year with a toast . . . 

“Well done, my Sun.”

NOW he has a chance to enjoy a breather, our victorious PM might look more intently at the crippling crackdown ordered by Sage “experts”.

The evidence from Covid-ridden Wales – and everywhere else in the world – is that lockdowns don’t work. Yes, we must protect the frail, vulnerable and elderly with our brilliant new vaccines.

But we must let everyone get back to normal life as soon as possible.

And as a personal plea to our new slimline, fat-free PM, open the gyms and swimming pools today.

Fitness saves lives. If we can’t go to work, at least give us a chance to get some exercise.

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