Black Lives Matter protesters battered by two women with a HOCKEY STICK who ‘yelled racial slurs before wild attack’ – The Sun

BLACK and Indigenous Lives Matter protesters were battered by two women with a hockey stick who allegedly yelled out racial slurs during the wild attack.

Winnipeg police said they are investigating the incident that took place outside the Manitoba Legislature grounds over the weekend in Canada.

The first viral video depicts a violent scene on July 4, showing a woman getting out of a car and charging towards a pair of protesters with a hockey stick.

Theo Landry was identified as one of the victims. Another was Landry’s female friend.
The 29-year-old protester told media outlet CBC that he was struck first.

"I was very much scared for my life," Landry said.

"I'm lucky it was a hockey stick because I don't know what they could have come out with."

According to Landry, the incident happened after protesters wrapped up the #AreYouListeningMB rally at the Manitoba Legislature.

Demonstrators were making their way east of Broadway street to attend a round dance at the Canadian Museum For Human Rights.

On the way, Landry lied down on the street and disrupted traffic in an act of protest.

That’s when passengers inside the vehicle became angry and made racist remarks, Landry said.

"[She] started yelling slurs, racial slurs, spitting insults and saying our protests didn't mean much," Landry said.

He continued: "She was very much offended by me stalling her time."

Landry said he got up off the road and the car drove past him aggressively so he sprayed water on the vehicle’s windshield, which prompted the car to stop.

The altercation then escalated and two protesters were struck with the hockey stick.

Landry said he was struck twice in the arm while his female friend, who tried to intervene, was hit in the head.

Police said they quickly responded to a report of an assault in the area of Broadway and Carlton Street around 8.12 pm.

In the second viral video from a different angle, the hockey stick changes hands to another woman in the group who was in the vehicle and strikes Landry's friend.

Jylah George-Marie Shallcross, a rally organizer, said the assault underscores the violence and intimidation people of color often face.

“This is the reason why we’re doing these protests,” Shallcross told CTV.

“It was just a mix of anger, fear, and heartbreak. I couldn’t believe that somebody could do this to somebody so close to me.”

The witness who captured the video recorded the suspects' license plate and gave it to police, according to CBC.

Winnipeg Police said officers located two victims upon arrival – one of which was injured.

An ambulance was requested, but the victim later declined treatment.

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