Bonfire Night 2020: How can I celebrate fireworks night in lockdown?

BONFIRE Night coincides with the beginning of a second lockdown in England this year.

With new restrictions in place, many are wondering how to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in lockdown.

How can I celebrate Bonfire Night in lockdown?

Most events have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, so if you want to celebrate Bonfire Night you should do so at home.

Some ideas to celebrate it at home include preparing firework-inspired food – such as firework-shaped biscuits or fruit rockets.

You can also watch some virtual firework displays – for example, Alexandra Palace will be screening their full 20-minute fireworks display from 2019 online in the evening of Thursday, November 5.

Children could also use their imagination to create Bonfire Night-inspired crafts.

You could have your own firework display before 11pm, but you should check regulations around this with your local council.

However, not everyone likes fireworks and animals are scared of them, so before having a display in your garden it would be a good idea to tell your neighbours.

Can I celebrate Bonfire Night with people outside my household?

Meeting people who do not live with you is not allowed under current coronavirus lockdown rules in England, unless you are part of the same support bubble.

This means you cannot invite your friends over to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night together.

However, you can celebrate it at home with members of your own household – playing board games, eating together or watching virtual firework displays.

Will there be any public fireworks displays?

Public fireworks displays have been cancelled in England this year due to the second lockdown that came into place on Thursday, November.

This also applies to many organised events.

The cancellations have taken place to avoid further spread of Covid-19 and to keep people safe.

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