Boris Johns-un: Photo ops leave PM looking like North Korea's Kim

It’s Boris Johns-un! The Prime Minister’s love of a photo-op leaves him looking like worryingly like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

  • Boris Johnson and Kim Jong-un share a love of photo ops, often pictured among workers at factories 
  • That has led to some strikingly similar photos of the two men emerging over the years, as this shows 
  • Whether its rallying the troops or inspecting a harvest, the pair share more than just a recognisable hairdo

One’s a maverick leader with an instantly recognisable hairdo – loved by some, reviled by others, with a taste for the finer things in life and weakness for women… and the other is Boris Johnson. 

And it seems comparisons between the UK Prime Minister and North Korean despot Kim Jong-un don’t stop there, as these rather alarming photo matchers show. 

The Prime Minister today paid a visit to Rosyth shipyard in Scotland, and donned one of his familiar high visibility jackets. 

It was another photo opportunity that has left some observers noticing his stage-managed appearances have certain similarities to he North Korean dictator’s frequent visits to industrial venues.  

Kim, in his role as Supreme Leader of the so-called Hermit Kingdom, is fond of ‘field guidance’ visits in which he is typically shown walking around a construction site, field or factory while issuing diktats to obliging lackeys.

Boris may not enjoy the same level of obedience from his aides, but is never-the-less partial to site visits of his own and is regularly photographed in factories and field giving his own form of ‘guidance’ to workers.

Over the years that has led to some strikingly similar pictures emerging, as this MailOnline analysis shows… 

Military men: Boris dons a high-vis jacket for a visit to a Naval shipyard in Scotland today (left), while Kim Jong-un dons a leather jacket for a visit to a North Korean munitions factory (right)

Fat of the land: Supreme Leader Boris Johnson (left) inspects a potato during a visit to a Northern Irish factory in 2019 while Kim Jong-un (right) pulls a similar pose at a food storage facility in North Korea in 2018

Boys’ toys: Boris is shown the inside of an F-35 Lightning cockpit during a tour of the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier in May last year (left) while Kim sits in the cockpit of a Russian fighter in North Korea in 2014 (right)

Look out! The UK Prime Minister looks through binoculars while riding the Isle of Wight ferry in 2019 (left) while North Korea’s Young General uses binoculars to oversee a military drill the same year

Horsing around: Boris rides a horse around London’s Olympic Park with gold medal winner Nick Skelton in 2013 (left) while Kim gallops up the side of Mount Paektu in North Korean propaganda (right)

Action men: The UK’s Dear Leader holds an AK-47 while training Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq in 2015 (left) while North Korea’s Dear Leader inspects a similar rifle somewhere in his country in 2012 (right)

Off the rails: Boris is pictured behind the controls of a London Overground train in 2009 (left) while Kim is seen waving from the window of his armoured train in 2018 (right)

Pie in the sky: Boris rides the newly-opened Emirates cable car in south London in 2012 (left) while Kim rides a similar cable car with South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in in 2018 (right)

Rally the troops: Boris delivers a speech to UK troops on NATO deployment to the Baltics (left) for Christmas 2019, while Kim is pictured speaking to North Korean tanker crews in 2017 (right)

Something fishy: Boris Johns-un reviews the day’s catch and offers field guidance at a Scottish fishery (left), while Kim Jong-un offers similar field guidance at a military fishery somewhere in North Korea (right)

Steady as she goes? Boris Johnson shows off the latest in UK forklift technology on a visit to a plant nursery in Essex in 2019 (left), while Kim Jong-un shows off the latest in North Korean tractor technology in 2017 (right)

Half baked: Extolling the virtues of UK self-reliance, Boris Johnson visits a biscuit factory during the Brexit referendum campaign in 2016 (left). Kim Jong-un make similar claims at a North Korean food factory in 2014 (right)

What are you driving at? Workers at a Northern Irish factory producing double-decker London buses receive field guidance from Boris (left) while Kim also gives field guidance on the construction of North Korean buses (right)

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