Boris Johnson new puppy a huge hit on first public engagement

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ new puppy Dilyn proves a huge hit with NHS staff on his first public engagement since arriving at No10

  • The Prime Minister was meeting with NHS workers at Downing Street yesterday 
  • Boris Johnson was joined by Carrie Symonds and their new rescue puppy Dilyn  
  • The Jack Russell cross was a ‘huge hit’ as he made his public engagement debut 

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symond’s new puppy Dilyn thrilled NHS workers at Downing Street yesterday as he made his first public appearance since arriving at No10. 

The Prime Minister was joined by his partner and the Jack Russell cross as he met NHS members to discuss a fresh bout of funding to help train and retain frontline health staff.

However, his 15-week-old puppy Dilyn stole the show with a delighted Nadine Dorries MP, describing the dog as a ‘huge hit’.

Jack Russell cross Dilyn, Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds new rescue puppy, was a huge hit with NHS staff, as he made his public engagement debut yesterday (pictured with Nadine Dorries and Ms Symonds at No10)

Carrie Symonds is pictured with Dilyn, a rescue dog she and Boris Johnson adopted earlier this week

She shared a photo of herself carrying the puppy as NHS staff and a delighted Ms Symonds looked on, along with the caption: ‘At a reception in ⁦@10DowningStreet⁩ in honour of #NHS frontline workers. Dilyn was a huge hit!’

Adorable rescue dog Dilyn had been abandoned by a Welsh farmer for having a misaligned jaw before being adopted by the Prime Minister and Ms Symonds. 

He was brought to Whitehall by a charity on Monday. 

He was later pictured with Miss Symonds, 31, in the garden behind the famous building and she tweeted photos of herself with the dog, alongside the message: ‘Meet our gorgeous little rescue puppy, Dilyn #AdoptDontShop’.

The dog was rescued by Eileen Jones, of Friends of Animals Wales, a small volunteer-run rescue shelter which specialises in rescuing and rehabilitating sick and discarded farm dogs. 

The little dog was brought to Downing Street on Monday morning by charity Friends of Animals Wales

The dog, which was discarded by a breeder because of his crooked jaw, licked Miss Symonds face in pictures she shared online

Miss Symonds added: ‘Thanks to the wonderful Eileen from @FOAWales who rescued Dilyn after she got a tip off that he was to be dumped by a puppy dealer because he was born with a crooked jaw.

‘Eileen fixed his little jaw & saved his life. She is a hero.

‘And thanks to the amazing @marcthevet who introduced us to Eileen & has campaigned so tirelessly for #LucysLaw which will help put an end to all cruel third party puppy dealers.’

It will join Larry the cat, Downing Street’s other famous pet, at the Prime Minister’s official residence. 

Yesterday’s meeting saw the Prime Minister treating NHS staff to a lunch reception in the Terracotta Room at Downing Street. 

A 15-week-old Jack Russell-cross puppy adopted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds arrives in Downing Street on Monday

Dilyn made his public debut as Mr Johnson (pictured with Health Secretary Matt Hancock) met with NHS workers inside No10 yesterday

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain’s Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock pose with NHS workers inside 10 Downing Street

He was treating employees who he had previously met while out on hospital visits since taking over from Theresa May in July.

The Conservative Party leader had already announced £1.8 billion last month to improve patient care, with £800 million of that going to the 20 hospitals in most urgent need.

What does Dilyn mean?

Dilyn is a Welsh word, a nod to the dog’s Welsh origin, which means ‘to follow’ or ‘pursue’. 

It is also said to mean ‘loyal’ when used as a name in Ireland.

According to the website Urban Dictionary, the name is also used to refer to someone who is considerate or respectful. 

And on Tuesday, the Government revealed a further £210 million of funding to help offer training opportunities to frontline NHS staff in a bid to improve standards and retain nurses, midwives and allied health professionals – a preview to Chancellor Sajid Javid’s one-year spending review on Wednesday.

Mr Johnson enjoyed a positive reception among the NHS employees as he discussed how the extra funding given to them would improve facilities.

With girlfriend Ms Symonds and Dilyn in tow, the PM made small talk with guests, even joking with one chief executive: ‘You got a lot of money out of us!’

The CEO in question, Andrew Morgan, head of United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, revealed that Mr Johnson had even pledged extra money while visiting Pilgrim Hospital Boston earlier in the summer.

The trust was given £21.3 million for the A&E department in Boston – the highest Brexit voting town in Britain – and while Mr Johnson was being toured around the premises, Mr Morgan said the Number 10 incumbent offered more funding on the spot.

‘While he was walking round the site, he promised us more money for a radiology machine that was broken,’ said Mr Morgan.

Mr Johnson, joined by Ms Symonds and Dilyn, enjoyed a positive reception among the NHS employees

‘It was unprompted and unscripted, but we will be holding him to it. It went down really well with staff and really lifted morale.’

In his one-year spending review on Wednesday, Chancellor Sajid Javid is set to announce the additional money for training nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.

The money, which is for the 2020/21 financial year, includes a £1,000 personal development budget to support their personal learning over a three-year period.

The Treasury said the funding will help those staff to develop ‘rewarding, lifelong careers’ in the health service.

In addition to the personal development budgets provided by central government next year, employers will also be expected to provide additional funding locally to invest in their staff.

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