Brad Parscale was tackled by SWAT while holding beer & hospitalized after 'hitting his wife' in home with '10 guns'

POLICE confiscated 10 guns from the home of Donald Trump’s formercampaign manager Brad Parscale, after his wife told them he was suicidal and had physically assaulted her.

According to a newly released police report, Parscale’s wife, Candice, claims her 44-year-old husband racked and loaded a handgun during an argument while showing cops bruises arms she suffered at the hands of Parscale.

Parscale was involuntarily hospitalized under Florida’s Baker Act by officers and taken to Broward Health Medical Center Sunday, after he barricaded himself in his $2.4million Fort Lauderdale home.

In the report released Monday, police documented a tense scene in which Parscale, after possible firing a shot inside his house, refused to leave and was ultimately tackled by SWAT officers on his driveway when he emerged shirtless with a beer in his hand.

Sgt Matthew Moceri wrote in the report that he “initiated a double leg take down” to take down the 6-foot-8-inch Parscale after he ignored his commands to stand down.

Fort Lauderdale police were called to the home Sunday afternoon after Candice fled screaming into the street in just her bikini and told a neighbor, “I think my husband just killed himself.”

The 911 call was placed by the neighbor and as many as 20 police vehicles and boats swarmed the waterfront property after the distraught wife told cops she heard a revolver being cocked and a “loud boom” after her husband began “ranting and raving.”

In the report, Candice told officers that her husband had post-traumatic stress disorder and had become violent in recent weeks.

The 41-year-old wife showed police the bruises on her arms from an argument two days prior.

“While speaking with Candace Parscale I noticed several large sized contusions on both of her arms, her cheek and forehead,” wrote Detective Steven Smith.

“When I asked how she received the bruising, Candace Parscale state Brad Parscale hits her.”

When police arrived at the scene, Candice was seen inside a car with her head buried in the nieghbors lap and sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of her husband’s death, until police revealed to her that he was still alive.

Officers said Candice told them the couple had been arguing and her husband pulled out a handgun and loaded it.

Police managed to reach Parscale on the phone, with one officer describing how the 44-year-old sounded drunk and refused to leave the home.

Eventually, a member of the department convinced Parscale to come out as police proceeded to tackling and handcuffing the 44-year-old.

Police reportedly recovered two shotguns, two rifles, a .22 caliber revolver and five handguns from the home.

Police have not charged Parscale with any crimes.

Parscale led Trump’s reelection campaign until he was fired by the president as campaign manager in mid-July. He continued working for the campaign as digital director remotely from Florida.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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