Brave Yorkie puppy manages to escape from Bald Eagle's claws in Canada

Yorkie puppy manages to wriggle free from Bald Eagle’s clutches after it swooped down and grabbed her off owner’s back porch

  • Doorbell footage from the home in British Columbia captured the moment
  • Justin Dudoward, Coco’s owner, said that he and his girlfriend had allowed their Yorkie to go outside while they were in the living room
  • Coco was biting off the home’s wooden back porch at the start of the incident
  • The bald eagle charges at the Yorkie and captures it before hitting a blue bin
  • Coco can be heard yelping in fear of her life before being let go by the eagle
  • The terrified Yorkie can then be seen running back inside the home
  • She suffered injuries to her stomach after her intestine was hanging out but is now back to her best condition 

A courageous female Yorkie managed to escape the claws of a bald eagle after the bird of prey swooped down and snatched her off her owner’s backyard in Canada.

Doorbell footage from the home in Metlakatla, located in British Columbia, captured the encounter from June 16. 

Justin Dudoward, Coco’s owner, said that he and his girlfriend had allowed their Yorkie to go outside while they sat in the living room.  

The black-and-white colored dog seemed to be minding her own business, biting off chunks of wood from the home’s back porch before anticipating the bald eagle’s charge at the last second. 

A Yorkie named Coco was snatched in the claws of a bald eagle earlier this month while she was biting off chunks of woods from the back porch of her owner’s home in British Columbia, Canada

The bald eagle hits a blue-colored bin right after capturing the Yorkie, prompting the dog to loudly squeal in fear of its life

It was too little too late, as the eagle successfully snatched the pet before hitting a bin, prompting the Yorkie to yelp.

The eagle then flapped its wings as it struggled to nail down the dog with its claws and can be seen struggling to take off from the grass. 

Seconds later, both animals go-off camera, but Coco is still heard loudly squealing, before she suddenly reappears in the video and bolts to the home. 

At that point, Dudoward said he heard his daughter scream and open the door to let their frightened dog back inside.

The Yorkie came out of the scrape with a few scratches to her stomach, caused by the bald eagle’s sharps claws. 

Dudoward brought Coco to the veterinarian the following day, after noticing her intestine was hanging out.

The terrified Yorkie managed to escape the bald eagle’s sharp claws, suffering scratches to its stomach, before running back inside

Justin Dudoward, Coco’s owner, brought her to the veterinarian the day after the incident after seeing his pet’s intestine hanging out 

Luckily, the small-sized doggy recovered after three days of treatment and is still hanging out in the home’s backyard ‘like nothing happened to her,’ Dudoward said.

‘It was really scary. We didn’t know it was that bad until we went back and looked at my doorbell camera,’ Dudoward told Storyful. has reached out to the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia for comment over the incident. 

Bald eagles are capable of carrying up to four pounds of weight, according to Out There Colorado. They usually hunt rabbits, squirrels, snakes and other birds including duck, geese and coots.  

To avoid losing your dog to an eagle, owners are advised to use reflective metal tape, called ‘scare tape’, to frighten birds away. 

Bird spikes, hawk-roof netting, scarecrow owls and bird balloons also work to efficiently repel birds away.

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