Bride-to-be tries to get infected with Covid to avoid wedding dramas

Bride to be ‘rushes out to get Covid’ by hugging men and sharing drinks in nightclub so she doesn’t unexpectedly ruin her wedding in six weeks’ time

  • Melbourne bride-to-be goes on a mission to try to get Covid on big night out
  • Appeared eager to get Covid now rather than leading up to wedding in February
  • Victoria records most daily infections of any state for a third consecutive day

A bride-to-be claims she is doing whatever she can to get infected with Covid-19 so the virus doesn’t disrupt her wedding.

Covid infections are approaching 100,000 a day across Australia as the Omicron variant runs rampant, ruining plans as people are thrown into isolation.

Footage shared on TikTok shows the Melbourne woman enjoying a big night out at a trendy nightclub before she ties the knot in February.

The bride-to-be appeared keen to get infected Covid now rather than have her wedding plans thrown into chaos in six weeks time

The woman hugged several men and shared drinks with other revellers on the dancefloor in the hope she would get Covid now rather than in the days leading up to her nuptials.

‘POV your wedding is in six weeks and you still haven’t had Covid,’ the footage titled ‘Catch Covid not feelings’ was captioned.

The footage goes against the warnings from experts to not deliberately catch Covid.

It may turn out to be the woman’s last night on the dancefloor as a bachelorette after Victoria enforced a temporary ban on dancing indoors from midnight on Wednesday to slow the rapid spread of Omicron. 

The woman was filmed hugged several men in the TikTok video titled ‘Catch covid not feelings’

Other brides-to-be commented on the video with similar sentiments of not wanting their wedding – and thousands of dollars – ruined by a positive test. 

‘Feb 5 bride and I feel this on so many levels,’ one woman commented.

Another told her friend: ‘We need to do this before your engagement just in case.’

Infectious diseases experts warn against deliberately trying to catch Covid, instead urging Australians ‘to avoid being infected for as long as you possibly can’.

‘People trying to get this virus when it’s still possible to ride through this wave without being infected isn’t wise,’ epidemiologist Dr Catherine Bennett told Daily Mail Australia last week.

‘We’re hearing lots of people say “it might be mild” but it’s actually really terrible, so if you can avoid it, do.’

She recommended people get their booster shot as soon as they are eligible to reduce their chances of suffering more severe symptoms.

Victoria has records most daily infections of any state for a third consecutive day with 34,808 cases and two deaths (pictured Melbourne on Saturday)

‘This wave will not last forever, we’re talking a few weeks and it’s not inevitable you have to get an infection,’ Dr Bennett added.

Victoria recorded 34,808 cases and two deaths on Monday, a 21 per cent drop from 44,155 the day before.

Covid hospitalisations increased by 66 to 818 patients across the state.

Monday is the third consecutive day Victoria has overtaken NSW as the state with the most daily infections, including a national record of 51,000 on Saturday.

Australia has now surpassed one million Covid cases during the pandemic, almost two years since the country recorded its first infection on January 25, 2020.

More than 500,000 infections have been recorded in the past week.

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