Brilliant perfectly timed pictures of people having a worse day than you

One cycling enthusiast took a selfie whilst out on a bike ride with pals and ended up snapping the moment his friend faceplanted the pavement.

This man is in the transition between smiling for the camera and suddenly realising that his mate is going to be in a whole world of painAnother caught the split second a poor pooch falls off a jetty into the water as his helpless owner watches in shock.

On holiday, a couple spun around in an inflatable, but one crafty snapper caught the second that she was flung in the air as her friend clung on for dear life.

We have gathered the best split seconds that have been caught on camera from all over the world.


It was written on his face

Dry your eyes (and everything else), mate

Puppy love

Flying colours

Ice scream

Burst her bubble

Scooby Don't

Savage seafood

Caught the sun

Nighttime wonder

Fun and games

Crocodile tears

Take away

Parking lark

On the edge


Horsing around

Say it don't spray it

Bless you!

Gnarly, dude

Greetings earthling

There's something in the water

Buzz off

Pretty Polly

 A bit fishy

Dinner disaster


He did the can can

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