Brit ‘tourist from hell’ jailed for slapping Bali immigration worker claims she’s being TORTURED in Indonesia prison

Auj-e Taqaddas, 43, said she "nearly died" and has likened her jailers to the killers of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Taqaddas, who's serving a six-month sentence in the notoriously harsh Immigration Detention Centre in the island's Jimbaran district,  has posted a series of messages and photographs of her "torture injuries" on Twitter.

The Londoner, jailed for attacking the officer in a row over a £3,100 fine for overstaying her tourist visa, claimed: "I nearly lost my life in one torture incident. They are like khoshoggi's killers [sic]."

Her pictures – posted days after she was sentenced – show bruising and hand marks on her arms and legs.

She wrote: "Please quickly arrange my exit from Indonesia as my life is not safe here."

I nearly lost my life in one torture incident. Please quickly arrange my exit from Indonesia as my life is not safe here

Taqaddas goes on to claim that British consular officials were refused permission to visit her and accused them of siding with Indonesian officials after she made a bizarre plea for sanctuary in Russia, reports MailOnline.

She added: "It looks like UK has chosen corrupt, uncivilised and ugly Indonesia/Bali as partner in crime and therefore I would like to choose civilised and beautiful Russia as my country of Residence and refuge."


The unruly tourist was first charged after she arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, Indonesia, in July last year to catch a flight to Singapore.

She had been issued her boarding pass and was moving through immigration when the officer noticed she had overstayed her month-long visa by a whopping 160 days.

Taqaddas was taken into an office and told she had to pay a fine of £19 for each of the days overstayed.

Her foul-mouthed tantrum was caught on camera and went viral online, and she was hit with a £3,100 fine.

Her trial began in December, and just concluded with her being sentenced to six months in prison, after being charged with violent behaviour against a government official.

During the trial Taqaddas claimed the video had been edited.

After being sentenced in Denpasar District Court, Taqaddas said the court was corrupt and she had been tortured by police three times.

She was arrested before the trial in a shopping mall after failing to appear in court on several occasions.


A video emerged showing Taqaddas kicking, screaming and calling her jailers names when she was led to court.

The footage shows her attempting to stop the men placing her in handcuffs, before trying to kick one near the groin.

Several other videos have also surfaced since the infamous airport incident apparently showing Taqaddas causing chaos around the country.

The other videos appear to show her attacking a security guard with a broom and chair, and screaming at hotel staff.

Her antics have earned her the nickname Dora the Explorer online, according to local news outlet Coconuts Bali.

Taqaddas, previously a radiology specialist at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London before leaving the UK around eight years ago, has been disowned by her own family in London who say they are 'deeply ashamed' at her behaviour in Bali.


She said: “This is a sham court who was only listening to the dirty prosecutor who did not bring me to the court for six months.”

As two officials escorted her from court, she shouted: “Indonesia is a criminal country. Indonesian law is corrupt. Indonesian judges are corrupt. No lawyer was provided. Indonesian immigration is corrupt.”

Immigration Chief Ngurah Rai Aris Amran said at the time of the incident: ''She slapped the officer, who is a respected guard.

''She pretended not to know that she had overstayed."

"She touched immigration, which means touching representatives of the nation. So we reported it to the police."

The original video shows how the fine sent Taqaddas into a rage and she was caught on camera branding immigration officer Ardyansyah, 28, a ''f*****g b*****d''.

When she tried to snatch back her passport, Ardyansyah quickly pulled it away – and she retaliated by slapping him.

She slapped the officer, who is a respected guard. She pretended not to know that she had overstayed

In the video, Auj-e is heard blaming ''f*****g immigration'' for causing her to miss her flight and telling them to ''take the f***ing money and get lost''.

She continues ''I'm your f*****g mother'' and then slaps the guard.

Auj-e then says: ''You aren't paying for this f*****g flight. You b******s told me to bring the money, why didn't you b*******s tell me anything else.

''And shut up your f*****g camera and show your ugly face in that camera.''

The guard says ''this is my office'', to which she replies ''this is your office, well show your ugly face".


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